Spring Designers now at Payless Shoes Stores

I always get very excited when a designer partners up with an affordable store, 
because it means that regular folks like you and I can finally start to afford designer quality clothing at very reasonable prices. For example, in case you missed it recently, Target worked with Jason Wu the designer, to offer us some fabulous affordable pieces, which you can view them here
Now a brand new affordable store is partnering up with designers to bring us high end shoes and accessories, for reasonably low prices...

 Payless has partnered up with three designers to provide everyday shoppers like you and I the opportunity to purchase these designer shoes & accessories for really affordable prices:
The designers are:
Christian Siriano (fashion designer and winner of Project Runway 2010 -- his fashion line has brought in over 1.2 million dollars)
Isabel Toledo (fashion designer clients include Michelle Obama) 
Lela Rose (fashion designer clients include Jenna and Barbara Bush)

I did notice their site doesn't have too much in stock right now, it could be because they currently have their Spring Collection online and additional items will be made available for a possible Summer & Fall collection. For the Spring collection, I picked out some items from their site which I absolutely adore and they are all under $60.   

 Lela Rose Collection $56.99

Isabel Toledo $56.99

Christian Siriano $19.99

Christian Siriano $29.99

To be quite honest, I normally  would not purchase $60 heels, however because they are designer shoes, I believe the quality will be really good and the shoes will be able to last me a very long time, therefore I will probably splurge on one of these heels and the purse is unbelievably priced so low for a designer brand name that I am definitely picking it up!
To check out the entire collection from all three designers you can click here which will take you to the Payless site!
What do you think about this collection? Will you be checking out any of these designer brands at Payless any time soon?

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  1. On a somewhat related note, Payless now also sells make up. I was in my local store a couple of weeks ago and lost my balance putting on a shoe. I happened to lean on one of the beauty shelves holding eyeshadow and nail polish, which the proceeded to give way and the entire shelf fell to the ground. Not a single eyeshadow broke and each bottle of polish was fully intact. That is some durable cosmetics!

  2. These are awesome- I love wedges...

  3. It's been soooooo long since I've been to Payless, probably because there's never been one close to where I lived. And then when I did go, they had such a small selection. Looking at this new collection makes me want to visit soon and see what they have in store! I adore those Lela Rose pumps in the first shot!

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Silvana! =)

  4. @thelacqueredlady, oh my gooodness thanks for sharing that story, sounds like something i would do =) I havent tried any payless cosmetics but since they are super affordable I might give some a try!

  5. hey! i love your blog <3 so iv awarded you the butterfly blog award! visit http://beautyobsessionx.blogspot.com/ to collect!


  6. so pretty love it will check them may be shop :)thanks


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