Sephora Instant Refreshing Toner

I am a firm believer that everyone should invest in good skin care products! I usually splurge on skin care products because having good, clean, clear skin is very important to me, and I do find that when my skin looks good I spend less money on makeup, since I don't have to cover up as many blemishes!
One skin care item that I absolutely love is from the Sephora line, and although a lot of their products are very expensive, I do buy most of my skincare from them because they are of excellent quality! One product that I am absolutely addicted to is the Sephora Instant Refreshing Toner.  

  Sephora claims that the product:
"Adds the perfect final touch to makeup removal, working instantly to leave skin incredibly refreshed, toned, and prepared for the application of moisturizer....A hydrating mist that refreshes and tones skin after makeup removal."
I can definitely confirm that the claims are completely accurate, this product leaves my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated; just imagine your skin being thirsty and you just gave it some water...that's how refreshed my skin feels.  

How I use this product:
 After washing my face with the Philosophy Purity One-Step Facial Cleanser, which you can find my review here, I pat dry my face, and spray a few spritz of the Sephora Instant Refreshing Toner pretty much to cover all angles of my face, then take a cotton ball, and in a circular motion I rub in the toner onto my face, until it is completely dry.
 The product does help remove any excess makeup and dirt which may be left behind after cleansing, and it is not drying at all, best part is that it is perfect for any skin type; I have sensitive skin and the product never once stung or irritated my skin. It is very lightweight, which means it really can be used either in the morning or nighttime.  It is not sticky, unless you over-spray it, therefore I suggest spraying 2-3 times (enough to cover your entire face).
I've been using this toner for about 4 months, and I've noticed my skin has been feeling very soft and smooth, my pores have drastically diminished, my skin has a bit more vibrancy to it and it is not as dull as it was several months ago. The product comes in a 6.76 fl.oz bottle, and although it is priced at $12 it is such a good deal seeing that I've used it for 4 months and I haven't even reached half way through the bottle! It can be purchased at a Sephora store, or online here.
Want a cheaper alternative TRY Dickinson Witch Hazel you can click here for my review. 

Make sure to check out my next favorite skin care product from Sephora which is an awesome facial scrub/mask...coming soon!  

Which is your favorite toner? Have you tried this toner from Sephora? Any drugstore or high end toner suggestions for others?

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  1. nice products, i need to try more sephora brand

  2. great review! perhaps ill try this :)

  3. hmm sephora brand?may have to check it out!!

  4. ohh! i want to try! :D

    xoxo, :D!/happilyfull

  5. Wow..didn't even know Sephora carried their own toner.Gotta give this a try. I like Dickinsons Witch hazel, too. Great review! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great review!! I love Sephora brand too:) love their eye makeup remover (and makeup haha!) I absolutely love Witch Hazel and have it in the toner I use daily! xoxo janna

  7. I never wanted to try anything from the sephora brand because i thought their products were way too expensive, however seeing how long this toner has lasted you, and the benefits I will definitely want to give it a try! Thank you for the great review!


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