Mark Liquid Shimmer Eyeliner and NYX Slide on Pencil Eyeliner

I have a quick review of two very different eyeliners, both very affordable brands that I love; Mark and NYX Cosmetics.  Quite honestly I have a ton of eyeliners, in fact too many to even admit, the reason why is because drugstore eyeliners are super affordable, and majority of them are of great quality!
The first liner comes from a brand which a lot of people are familiar with, it is the NYX Slide On Pencil Liner. This liner definitely slides on very smoothly without any tugging or discomfort, I believe because the consistency is a bit thin, this is probably why the liner does slide on very easily.  Because of this, the liner takes a while to dry (about 3-5 minutes) and although it is SUPER pigmented, the product itself didn’t last all day as I had hoped.  In addition, it does smudge a bit too easily a first, definitely doesn’t stay on with a bit of rubbing.  Also, the liner itself didn’t apply well over eyeshadow probably because of its thin consistency. 
I would only recommend this product for 3-4 hours of wear but overall I love the color and how smoothly it applies, therefore I will continue to use this liner, only on occasions where I plan to be out for a few hours at a time.
You can purchase this liner at the NYX site if  you click here for $8.00.

  The next liner is the Mark Earn Your Metal Liquid Shimmer Eyeliner.  The consistency of this product is very watery, in fact a bit too liquidy, therefore multiple layered application is required to build color, and it takes 4-5 minutes for the liner to dry. 
It is smudge proof once it dries which is actually pretty surprising for a liquid liner, rubbing will not impact this liner since it is there to stay once it is fully dried. I do like the shimmer look, I believe it adds a bit of fun and glam to any night time look; next time I believe I will purchase a darker color, simply because the gold is a bit hard to even see unless you pack on a lot of product! 
Overall, I would recommend this liner to anyone, simply because it is smudge proof, 
it is long lasting (a good day's worth), and it looks very fun and girly! I believe these go for about $6.50 from Avon/Mark, you can click here which will take you to that site.

Overall I love both brands, simply because I believe they are very affordable for the quality! What do you think about these liners? Have you tried either one?

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  1. I haven't tried either but I am liking the Mark one I think I will order it from my friend next time she brings me the catalog.

    I appreciate your honest review!

  2. Hello! Just found you through the blog hop! great blog! :-) now following you too!

  3. oooh love that eyeliner!

  4. must try the nyx pencils!!!

  5. When your in the market for more mark. makeup give me a holler!! I extend my rep. discount because I love your posts

  6. Hey there hun, your comment made me all warm and fuzzy inside so thankyou and am now following your blog via bloglovin too =) Its about time I become a big girl and inform myself about the world of makeup! haha. The Mark Earn Your Liquid Shimmer sounds like something id love to give a try. Actually just purchased one (non waterproof and smudgeproof) and GAH is it unuseable! =(

    Eeli xx

  7. I am a boy and I love makeup (fuck the society! :P)! I love reading your products reviews too! :D

  8. I like the slide on pencil eye liner

  9. Love your blog and omg, those eyeliners - I WANT THEM ALL!

    Now following your blog! Check mine out!

  10. I haven't tried any of them but the reviews are enough for me to want to try the Metal liquid shimmer eyeliner!


  11. so great cosmetics!
    please visit me in free time:)

  12. Love the NYX colors but idk if I'd try them. If they don't last all day, I probably won't. Unfortunately I don't have time to reapply most of the time. But the colors are awesome and the Mark liner looks cool.

  13. Those are such pretty colors. I think I may try them when I get a new shimmer liner.



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