Food That Works Wonders For Our Skin

We all know that eating healthy improves our health, but it also improves our skin. Below are some fruits, vegetables, and other natural items all found at grocery stores, that we should be incorporating into our daily lives in order to not only have a healthy body, but to have healthy glowing skin. 
 All of the items below can be consumed for an overall absorption of all the vitamins and nutrients, however they can also be beneficial if used externally, as facial masks, body exfoliants, and calming lotions..
Egg White - Helps tighten and lift aging skin but also brightens complexion.
Egg Yolk - Helps with dry and dull skin since it contains vitamin A, can also be used as a calming rub for eczema.
 Avocado - Assists with overall moisturizing and nourishing dry skin.
Cucumber - It is very cooling and refreshing for the skin, tightens pores and it aids with minimizing dark circles.
Carrot - Great for dry skin, because it helps with regaining lost moisture.
Honey - Minimizes the appearance of scars, because it naturally tightens and hydrates the skin.
Oatmeal - Has a calming effect on the skin, and is also a natural exfoliant for the face and body.
Lime - A natural acid that helps peel away dead cells to help rejuvenate face and body.
Olive Oil - Soothes inflamed skin and moisturizes dry dull skin.
Aloe Vera - What I believe to be the best way to cool and revitalize the skin. It seals in moisture to help with dull skin.
Are you incorporating these food items into your daily routine, either by consuming the food, or as masks and exfoliants? These items are great for the skin, they contain no chemicals at all because they are naturally grown items (especially if you purchase organic) but you can save a lot of money by buying foods you can eat, yet also use for your body and face.  
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