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I was recently looking through old photographs and couldn't help but laugh at myself and how funny I looked during my younger years, not necessarily my physical appearance, but how I dressed and applied makeup!! I've gone through a lot of different changes throughout the years, and I've experimented a lot with makeup and fashion! I guess I had an idea of what type of clothes looked cool, and what kind of makeup or hairstyles were "in" and even though my mother would tell me something looked ridiculous, I still went forward with it!

Thinking back, my addiction to drugstore beauty items started at a very young age, in fact a lot of makeup brands I use today are brands I actually used when I was younger! I never really wore makeup at a younger age, a lip-gloss here and there, a lot of nail polish, and a TON of sweet tasting chap-sticks is usually what I went for!
The very first makeup brands I remember using when I was younger were:

Wet n Wild
I loved their nail polishes, I remember buying a glitter polish and a clear one to top it off! And even though I always "went outside the lines" I had so much fun playing with WnW polishes! (Which by the way is still one of my favorite cosmetics brand!)
Bonne Bell
I probably can't count the number of Lip Smackers I had, I wanted all the flavors, and if  a new one came out I wanted to try it immediately! I remember going to the local drugstore (believe it was RiteAid) and running to the Bonne Bell section to see if a new Lip Smackers came out that I hadn't tried yet! It never went to waste, I would finish all the Lip Smackers, I carried one with me at all time! This is probably why  now days I feel "naked" without any lip products on!
I loved NYC's liquid lip shine, and although their old formula was super sticky I didn't care! Clear and Frosty Pink were my 2 color choices, I remember thinking I was so grown up when I started wearing looking back all I can do is laugh!
I asked a few of my favorite bloggers on twitter what was their 1st makeup brand/product they used and a lot of the same brands came up repeatedly.  I receive a lot of responses but below are just a few:

 the first makeup brand that i used was wet n wild. it was nail polish, lol. i think i was about 16...

 I'll never forget;) it was COVERGIRL Coffee Bean lipstick!!! 12 yrs old. xo 

 think it was Bonnie Bell at the age of 12! 

 1st makeup product would be Lip Smackers roller ball gloss. I stole it from my big sis & I broke it accidentally. Oops. 

 Covergirl Clean pressed powder! I can still smell it, lol!15yrs old ;) 

 I think it was Wet n Wild lipstick and I was like 13? Don't quote me on that. I remember my mom throwing it away lol 

 Covergirl powder compact in a color that was 3 shades dark. Lol 

 I was 13 Mom bought me my very own Covergirl palette! 4 shadows, blush & mascara!  

 tinkerbell perfume. my third grade boyfriend bought it for me..

This post really brought back a lot of wonderful memories of my childhood! Now I ask you, what was your first makeup brand/product that you remember using? Are you still using any of the brands to this day? I'd love to know!

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  1. Oooh yes, the chapstick craze. xD Over here in europe we have Labello, and I had exactly the same obsession.They were so delicious, and I licked them off my lips within the time it took me to close the lid again. oh man. xDDD


  2. very vey nice ;)) i like your blog. !! i follow you honey, i hope you follow me back. kisses from germany ;****)))

  3. omg i was all into wet n wild when i first started makeup! thats all i used. i got into makeup during that whole white eyeliner phase...yeah...not a time i look back and and say my make up looked great, but i remember going through those wet n wild pencils like crazy lol

  4. great post! I also love checking back to my first years of make up. Please check out my spring series! comment back!

  5. So funny we all had many of the same first brands! I think wet 'n wild and Bonne bell are the "gateway drugs" to makeup obsession lol! I had sooooo many lip smackers! But I was such a nerd I'd inventory them! Flavor, when I bought, how full it was, and stars to indicate how much I liked it hahaha

  6. LOL I remember wet n wild... I used that too.

    interesting post - twas a walk down beauty memory lane :)


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  7. I've been a follower of your site for months now,and I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your blog. It is really obvious that you care about your blog, and that you really put a lot of thought into your posts! A lot of bloggers will post a whole lot of nothing, just to post something, but you actually post things that are interesting and this is what makes me keep coming back to read your blog!

  8. Omg I was CRAZY anout bonnebell when I was younger! They smelt SO good! Thanks for the blast from the past :)

  9. too crazy to think back lol..

  10. oooo i love lipsmacker!! kisses.

  11. this post brings back serious memories!

  12. bonjour,
    i have just discovered your blog. Your blog is interesting, adorable! Mind to follow each other? I make sure to followed you back!

  13. Amazing blog! It would mean soooo much to me if you would follow me back!

    Ah! I loved Lip smacher! But I haven't had one in years! I need to go out and buy one now!
    *N.S. has logged out*

  14. AH! This makes me smile! I used all of the same products! I worshipped lipsmackers! Ahah! I'm pretty sure the first make up I used was my mom's lipstick. It was red and I probably smeared it all over my lips really messily. I loved it. Please feel free to enter my giveaway:

  15. The first brand / products I used were also Wet N Wild! I used to love these products when I was younger.. I thought they were the best products...EVER. Great post!

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