E.L.F. Holiday Collection Glitter Eye Beauty Book Swatches

Back in November I picked up the E.L.F. Holiday Collection Glitter Eye Beauty Book at my local Target for only $5! I did a brief review/haul (you can click here to view).  In that haul & brief review I stated:
"When I opened this palette the colors immediately jumped out at me; they definitely look very vibrant and you can definitely see the shimmers.  Doing swatches on these shadows was a delight, even without any primer the colors are all super pigmented, they are not rough at all even though you do see quite a bit of shimmer, and they glide on fairly well with a finger, sponge-tip applicator or even with a brush.  Their staying power lasts fairly long, a good days worth, and I didn’t see any creasing.  This palette is priced at $5 bucks, and really it is such a great deal; you get 12 different shadows that range from vibrant purple, to neutral brown." 


Four months later I still feel the same way about this palette, I absolutely love it. Don't expect the quality to be like MAC or Urban Decay shadows, but for $5 and 12 shadows the quality is awesome and the value is unbelievable!  A little product does go a long way, but of course if you want a deeper color you will want to pack on a little bit more product!


 I wanted to do this quick post showing you the swatches so you can see how wonderful these shadows really are. I did notice some of the colors (such as the deep blue and greens come off a little bit chalky so with these shadows I suggest lightly tapping your brush and/or fingers so you don't apply too much product!).  I used my bare fingers to swatch these colors, with a few wipes the results are below.

Although the set was supposed to be a limited edition, ELF still carries them so you can visit their site here to purchase. My local Target still carries them, so you can also check for yourself, in addition I have seen these palettes at some discount stores such as Ross Dress for Less and Big Lots.

 What do you think about this palette? Have you picked up one? What is your favorite drugstore/affordable eyeshadow palette?

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  1. The colors are nice and bright- will check them out!

  2. I love this palette but don't have it... I used it for a giveaway though!! I found the color selection very similar to the Wet 'n WId I heart Matte, but obv not matte;) So pretty!!! xoxo

  3. Those colours look so beauiful!

  4. this palette has beautiful colors and payoff seems pretty good.

  5. I was going to purchase this kit but I wasnt sure if they were pigmented enough! Lovely colours, now folowing you :) xx

  6. I was afraid the glitter would be too much on this so I never purchased it, now that you showed swatches I am so buying this tomorrow! Thanks!!!

  7. Looks great, especially for such a cheap price! Wish we could buy them in shops here in the UK x

  8. Pretty Colours!


  9. Ooh they look stunning and what a bargain x


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