Tips to Having Healthy Glowing Hair on a Budget

As a woman I know that there are certain steps that I need to follow in order to have a clean & healthy body, however I realize that I spend more time focusing on getting my face, legs and hands smooth and moisturized, but don’t focus enough on doing the same for my hair.  
Sure I shampoo and condition my hair, but most of us women can agree that those two steps simply aren’t enough! We all can’t afford going to the salon every so often, and we feel guilty forking over hundreds of dollars on hair treatments every month, so what’s a girl to do?

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To find out what my Top Tips to Having Healthy Glowing Hair on a Budget are, please check out my guest post on Drop of Pink by clicking here.  Feel free to leave comments here or at Drop of Pink and let me know if you already follow these tips, or if you have any other budget friendly hair tips you'd like to share!

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