NYC Showtime Glitter Eyeliner

NYC Showtime Glitter Eyeliner is not only super affordable, but the smooth consistency really makes this a luxury product on a drugstore budget. I am in love with how the liner applies very smoothly without any tugging, and how the minimal glitter specs turn this standard basic black eyeliner into something very glamorous!


This liner is a bit different than some other drugstore liners because of its smooth consistency, and its ability to gently glide on without any discomfort.  Although the liner does take a long time to dry, it does maintain its strong pigmentation throughout the day, and I love the soft texture which basically makes the whole lining your eye process a quick snap. It is definitely easy to use, a perfect product when on the go, or running late, simply glide on and walk out the door.  In addition, the sparkles are very minimal and not rough at all.


The packaging is very standard for pencil liners, it is not mechanical which is actually something I prefer simply because you can sharper the pencil to your liking as dull or as sharp as you wish. The pencil itself comes with a clear plastic cap which fits perfectly and snug.  Also, the pencil’s actual “body” has small glitter spots all over it which makes it very girly and very glam.

Overall I am very impressed with this liner, NYC really has some great products and I already love a lot of their liners, but by adding the small glitters it really glamorizes the typical black liner.  I would recommend this product to anyone who is on a budget yet is looking for a liner that will last pretty much all day! This product can be purchased at any drugstore near you for $2.99. 
Have you tried this liner? I am very interested to see how pigmented the other colors are, let me know if you've tried this NYC Showtime Glitter Eyeliner!

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  1. This looks gorgeous! I will have to look out for it xx

  2. thanks for the swatch and review! xo

  3. This is very cute, I'll have to try. I think that NYC is a very under-rated brand. They really do make some good stuff!!

    Love the blog, I'll be following on bloglovin'!


  4. Came across your blog through the bloghop! Love your blog! Excited to be connected to following your posts!

    Check out my blog and if you like please follow! :)

    xoxo |

  5. I just purchased this today! :)


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