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A lot of stores have been having a ton of great sales lately, it could be because of the holiday that just passed on Monday, but the great news is that a lot of these coupons and deals are still currently going on! 

Below are some of my favorite coupons of the week! 

Express 15% Off your next purchase, coupon expires on March 6th, it can be used in store, or online as well (the online code is listed below the barcode). I love EXPRESS because they are always up to date on the latest fashion trends; yes a lot of their clothes can be on the pricey side, however I encourage all of you to check out their sale bins! I've been able to snag brand name shirts for less than $5, even brand name jeans for less than $15!
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H&M is another store that offers a lot of great quality clothing at affordable prices! Currently you can get 15% off any item by printing the web page as shown. Hurry though because this coupon expires on 02/26/12!
By the way H&M is coming out with a designer collaboration, which I am super excited about, so be on the look out for a post soon about the collection!
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Now I love in freebies, and this one is one of my favorite deals thus far! Just print out the web page below, bring it to a Clarins counter at any Macy's and receive a 20 minute skin facial treatment FOR FREE (plus you get some free samples)...who doesn't love that? Thanks to "Mommy Saves Big" for posting this offer on her site! There is no expiration date on the coupon, just hurry because it is valid "while supplies last."
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I'm in the process of posting a lot more coupons on my Facebook page, therefore if you would like to receive coupons instantly as they come out, then please check out my page by clicking the icon below. There are a few other coupons already listed from Forever 21, Bath & Body Works, ULTA, etc.

Are there any great deals you want to share? I'd love to know!

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  1. I LOVE the concept of your blog! I am a big bargain hunter too so I think we'll get along great haha Thanks for visiting my site and I am definitely following you :) Can't wait for new posts!

    Jessica :)


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