Allure Magazine Beauty Blogger Awards

Did you hear that Allure Magazine is looking for the Ultimate Beauty Blogger?

On their site it states that:
"Allure is searching for the best voice in online beauty: the blogger who knows products inside and out and has the sharpest eye for trends. 
Fifteen contestants will compete in challenges—that the public and a team ofAllure editors will vote on—to determine who has what it takes to be the Allure 2012 Beauty Blogger of the Year."

And the PRIZE includes....
A trip to New  York City
Attend backstage at a fashion show
Attend the annual Allure Best of Beauty party
Appear in the October issue of Allure
A goodie bag filled with products valued over $2,500

Pretty Amazing Right? 

All you have to do is complete a small form with basic information (name, address, etc), include 5 blog links/posts that best show why they should select you, and also in 200 words or less state why you should be chosen!

You can click here which will take you to the Allure website, there you can see the Official Rules, and submission requirements! 
Submissions end March 18th so hurry if you want to enter!

Good luck to everyone who enters!

♥ Glitz Glam Budget 


  1. Oh wow! Thanks for posting this! There are so many fab blogs out there, they'll have a hard time choosing! Good luck to you ;)

  2. A BIG word of warning on this and why I did not join - They own all content you submit and in the fine print it says they own any RELATED content. So if you submit your motto or beauty philosophy, guess what? They own it! And not just for the winners, but for EVERY SINGLE entry. I declined to enter this contest because I view this as unethical. So beauty bloggers, beware.

  3. @the lacquered lady, you bring up an excellent point, therefore I encourage everyone who is slightly interested to read the official rules and all the fine prints. I do think that overall this is a great opportunity to get known in the beauty industry =)

  4. @Glitz Glam Budget It certainly is a great opportunity! I just wish the company had less stringent rules about this. I have never seen a contest like this retain rights to all entries (retaining rights to the winner is common).

  5. Oh dear, the rules are a little OTT aren't they? Glad I don't live in the US - I'd still be tempted to enter if I did.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Great Post

    Sadly I won't be entering this year but I will next year :)


  8. Thanks for sharing! I probably won't enter but maybe next year...I hope you are though!


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