Nail of the Week Affordable Drugstore Nail Polishes

I am currently loving these two very affordable polishes.  The first is the Revlon #180 in "Pink Again" which was purchased at Target on sale for $1.10.  One coat is pigmented enough, but you can definitely apply 2-3 to intensify the color if you wish.  The polish itself glides on very smoothly which is great because it allows you to quickly correct any errors. The polish takes less than a minute to dry, which is why I love it because I can paint my nails and be on the go in minutes.

The next polish I am currently loving is the Love My Nails #1532 in "Pretty in Pink" which was purchased at Walmart for $.99.  This polish looks great over any matte color, simply because it adds a little fun and character to a plain color! This polish does take a little bit longer than the Revlon to dry, however it is very standard much similar to other drugstore polishes which is about 1-2 minutes.  One coat is all you need since the small and larger glitter specks go on the brush every time.

The staying power for both these polishes is average for drugstore nail polishes, which is about 4-6 days, especially since the Love My Nails polish acts like an extra coat over the Revlon polish.
Even though it's winter season, I still love to paint my nails with bright fun colors. What colors do you typically use during Fall/Winter season?

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  1. The 'Prety in Pink' is so sweet.
    xoxo Sabrina

  2. These polishes are freakin cute! I need to do more pink on my nails...


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