Current Coupons & Freebies

Below are some of my current favorite coupons & freebies that are going on right now. 
Neutrogena has a lot of manufacturer coupons on their site, which can be used anywhere Neutrogena products are sold! This is great because you don't have to feel obligated to visit a certain store in order to get the discount! Click on the image below for coupons where you can save up to $22!

In addition, L'Oreal currently has some awesome coupons on their site as well, again since they are manufacturer coupons they can be used anywhere L'Oreal products are sold! Click on the image below, to save up to $7.

I love coupons, and I usually never buy makeup or clothes for full retail price, since there are always awesome deals going on, usually on a daily basis! Below are some additional coupons that will save you a lot of money (inlcuding a freebie) this month. Please make sure you click on each picture below, which will take you to the individual coupon!  Happy shopping!!!

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  1. oh wow such great deals, thanks for sharing ;-)

  2. I actually just read on fb that CVS is offer $5 extra care bucks on L'oreal for every $15 spent so with those coupons you can get some serious deals!

  3. @Arielle, great thanks for sharing! I love a good deal!


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