FREE Soap and Glory Mascara


Quick post for all my UK readers: 
The March issue of (UK) Elle Magazine goes on sale tomorrow and they are giving away a full size Soap and Glory Mascara on each cover.  The mascara is said to give you a false lash look since it creates these amazingly, longer, fuller, fabulous lashes.

The UK Elle Magazine is priced at  £3.90, and FYI the Soap and Glory Mascara retails for £10, so this is such a GREAT deal!
All UK readers out there, make sure you  purchase your copy tomorrow!  
Thank you to the lovely 
Victoria Vintage for announcing this on twitter!

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How To Prevent and Treat Razor Bumps


At one point or another in our lives we all get razor bumps, which are small irritated bumps that develop on our skin after shaving.  Below are my top tips to prevent razor bumps, but also to treat them.

1. Exfoliate your skin before shaving.  
Exfoliating is basically removing dead skin cells, this is important because it allows for a smoother shaving experience. You can either use a body wash with exfoliating beads, or even a loofah sponge which works the same way. I love using the St. Ives Apricot Scrub, this is meant for the face, but it is a bit to harsh for my sensitive face so I find that it works perfectly for my legs.

2. Purchase a razor that's perfect for you!
Everyone's skin and hair is different, therefore we all shouldn't expect to use the same type of razor. The type of razor you buy should depend on your skin's sensitiveness and your hair's thickness.  I don't recommend disposable razors because the blades get dull easily, so invest in a more expensive razor because in the long run you will not have to purchase blades as often. Also, don't be afraid to purchase a man's razor -- there are more blades which is perfect for those with thicker hair.

3. Use shaving cream (and plenty of it). 
I don't recommend shaving with just soap and water simply because in my opinion there is not enough lather to allow for a smoother application. Shaving cream is the same concept as purchasing razors, there are dozens out there but you want to pick out one that is perfect for your skin.  If you have sensitive skin, you will want to stick with shaving cream that has Aloe Vera, Camomile, or some sort of calming effects to soothe your skin! My favorite is the Aveeno Positively Shave Gel, it is very affordable, a little bit goes a long way, and it helps prevent razor bumps.

Maybelline Baby Lips


When I first heard of the Maybelline Baby Lips I was very intrigued to try them, especially since they're priced at only $2.99 each. 
Maybelline describes the Baby Lips as: "No more basic lip balm! Lip renew formula and 8-hr hydration for visibly renewed lips in 4 weeks."
The collection is made up of 6 different baby lips, all ranging in color, scent, and taste. I picked up 5 of them as seen below (I am missing #25 in Pink Punch -- must be popular since it was sold out at every drugstore). These Baby Lips can be found at your local Target and other drugstores nation wide.

#05 Quenched, #10 Peppermint, #15 Cherry Pie, #20 Grape Vine, #30 Peach Kiss

What immediately attracted me to this product was the price, at $2.99 it's an unbelievable price for Maybelline lip products.  I was actually fortunate enough to come across some pretty fabulous coupons ($2.00 Off Maybelline Lip product from Target, and a generic $1.00 Off Maybelline Product used anywhere), so what that means is that I got all these Baby Lips at Target for FREE.
According to the packaging, the Baby Lips actually had a clinical study done, and the results showed that after 4 weeks of use:
82% had visibly less dry lips
94% had less rough lips
77% had more supple lips
77% had better looking lips 

Freeman Beauty Cucumber Facial Peel-Off Mask


The Freeman Beauty Cucumber Facial Peel-Off Mask is designed to clarify and renew your skin. It is made with natural botanical ingredients such as cucumber extracts, and it is perfect for normal to combination skin.
The product that I have comes in a travel size packet of .5 Fl oz.; and surprisingly there is enough product for 3 uses.  Although the travel size is very convenient when on the go, I would prefer the 6 Fl oz. full size container at home for easier storage! The full size product retails for $3.99 and it is such a bargain because a little product does go a long way, so I can only imagine how long a 6 Fl. oz container will last!

The cucumber scent is very noticeable upon opening up the package, it is very lovely and soft.  I really love the smell because it lingers throughout the entire process, which makes the mask application feel very spa-like and relaxing!  The mask itself is made up of a very thick gel consistency, in fact it is very sticky yet it is very smooth to the touch as well.  Once you apply this mask evenly onto your skin, it sets within a few minutes, in fact immediately it is very difficult to make any facial expressions whatsoever; you will feel this way for about 5-7 minutes since this is how long it takes to fully dry.
 This mask is different than the other 2 Freeman Beauty Masks I reviewed 
(Chocolate and Strawberry Facial Clay Mask and Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask) simply because you peel off the mask versus washing it off. 
When peeling the mask, it felt like all my dead skins cells were coming off with it, which is fabulous! I did have a few pieces here and there so I just washed my face to remove everything, in fact in the directions it does state to rinse with warm water to remove any leftover pieces. 

 Immediately after removing this mask, 
my face did feel very soft and super clean, and that's what I love about all the Freeman Beauty masks, they all leave a super clean feeling on your face! Overall this mask has helped the appearance of my skin, it no longer looks and feels dull, it is very smooth, silky and refreshed.

The Freeman Beauty Cucumber Facial Peel-Off Mask can be purchased at local drugstores like Cvs, Rite Aid, Walgreen's however if you purchase online via you can use my promotional code (BLOGGERS25) to save 25%

If you want to get a spa like experience on a small budget, well this is the perfect product for you!

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A sample of this product was given to Glitz Glam Budget, either directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews.

Current Coupons & Freebies (Sephora, Bare Escentuals, Bath & Body)


Below are a few of my current favorite coupons and deals (particularly from two stores that I love)! 
Anytime Sephora and/or Bare Escentuals has any kind of deals or freebies I hurry and take advantage of it simply because their beauty items are usually priced fairly high! And it doesn't happen very often that you get some pretty expensive services and items for free or for a very inexpensive price!

Bare Escentuals Courtesy of

Currently my closest Bath and Body Works has a ton of stuff on sale (50-75% off) not sure if this is a nation wide sale, but with the coupon u can get some pretty awesome stuff at a fairly low price! 
Happy shopping!

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Nail of the Week Affordable Drugstore Nail Polishes


I am currently loving these two very affordable polishes.  The first is the Revlon #180 in "Pink Again" which was purchased at Target on sale for $1.10.  One coat is pigmented enough, but you can definitely apply 2-3 to intensify the color if you wish.  The polish itself glides on very smoothly which is great because it allows you to quickly correct any errors. The polish takes less than a minute to dry, which is why I love it because I can paint my nails and be on the go in minutes.

The next polish I am currently loving is the Love My Nails #1532 in "Pretty in Pink" which was purchased at Walmart for $.99.  This polish looks great over any matte color, simply because it adds a little fun and character to a plain color! This polish does take a little bit longer than the Revlon to dry, however it is very standard much similar to other drugstore polishes which is about 1-2 minutes.  One coat is all you need since the small and larger glitter specks go on the brush every time.

The staying power for both these polishes is average for drugstore nail polishes, which is about 4-6 days, especially since the Love My Nails polish acts like an extra coat over the Revlon polish.
Even though it's winter season, I still love to paint my nails with bright fun colors. What colors do you typically use during Fall/Winter season?

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Pastel in 2012 Fashion Trends for Less


We are finally in 2012, and already we've seen many Fashion Trends which were up and coming in 2011 but much anticipated for this year! Such trends include:  

Color Blocking which you can click here for fashionable looks for less
Metallic a Celebrity favorite which can be found here &
Animal Prints a worldwide trend, with many affordable options as seen here.

For this week's trend I want to focus on Pastel, a trend which has been around for many years, yet it seems that it is becoming a very fashionable trend this year thus far. describes the Pastel trend as "Spring’s sweet sorbet shades and pastel hues {which} give off a low-key, ladylike vibe."  This is exactly why this trend is very popular simply because Pastel colors can be worn throughout any season, for any occasion, on any day!

As seen above and below, a lot of celebrities have been and are currently sporting the Pastel trend, whether its for a casual day out or for Award Shows -- it is evident that Pastel is a very versatile trend which is why it is so popular!


You can still follow this Pastel trend while you're on a budget, and still look fabulous! Below are a few suggestions of Pastel clothing that are CURRENTLY available at all major apparel locations, the suggestions below (on the left) are all fashion items that can be found at Macys and Forever 21 all under $40. Also, pastel trends are not just in clothes, you can also accessorize with Pastel jewelry, shoes and more as seen below (on the right), items all from Target under $30.

This is one of the most wearable fashion trends out there right now, as mentioned before Pastels can be worn on a daily basis, or even on an elegant evening out. 
Have you worn this trend? If so, what types of Pastel items have you paired together?

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Liebster Blog Award!!!


 I recently received the Liebster Blog Award from the lovely Channel HMC, please check out her blog she has a lot of makeup looks and great hauls .  

It is said that the Liebster Blog Award started in Germany and it is used to highlight smaller blogs that deserve more attention.

I am very happy to receive this, it's great to know my readers believe that my blog is attention worthy!  This is the third award I have received this month, and honestly each one of them truly means a lot to me, to know that there are many of you that enjoy reading my blog and come back on a daily basis to visit!

Here are the rules:

* Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
* Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
* Give your top picks for the award.
* Inform your top picks (either by leaving a comment on their blog or tweeting them).
* Post the award on your blog.

    Mattese Elite Carnaval ENTIRE Collection GIVEAWAY!!!


    This is a very quick post for an awesome giveaway! 

    Ricky's NYC, an awesome Beauty Store, is holding a massive giveaway for all US residents.  Whoever wins, both the winner and the blog the winner comes from will win the ENTIRE New Mattese Elite Carnaval Collection! 
    Just fill out the form below and you're set! Hurry contest is ending soon!

    **The blog you're entering from would be mine GlitzGlamBudget, so if you're lucky enough to win, then I win with you** 

    a Rafflecopter giveaway
    Want some information on the Mattese Elite Carnaval Collection, click here.

    Freeman Beauty Avocado & Oatmeal Facial Clak Mask


    The Freeman Beauty Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask, is designed to improve clogged pores while removing excess oil and dirt, leaving your skin feeling clean and soft.  This mask is perfect for normal to oily skin.
    The product that I have comes in a travel size packet of .5 Fl. oz which tears open.  However a typical size is about a 6 Fl. oz. squeeze tube. I am not too fond of the travel size packaging simply because the product is enough for 2-3 uses, so once you tear it there's no way to close it back up, therefore you really have to find a way to store and tightly seal the product so it doesn't dry.

    The consistency of this mask is very soft, creamy, and not thick at all.  Because of its soft texture, the mask applies very easily onto the face, and a little product does go a long way. Therefore the 6 Fl. oz squeeze-tube will last a very long time, so it is definitely a bargain product, especially considering it retails for about $3.99 (the travel size retails for $1.99).  The Avocado & Oatmeal mask does come in a light green color, and it has a very refreshing, soft, and natural scent; it is not too overpowering, but it is definitely noticeable once you apply the mask.  
    The mask does start to tighten the face fairly quickly, within 1-2 minutes, however it does take about 10 minutes to fully dry and set on your face.  I noticed that the mask does give off a very cooling and refreshing effect immediately, which I like because it feels like it's doing its job! The directions state to rinse with water water, and since the product is a little bit thicker than the Chocolate & Strawberry Mask which I recently reviewed here, it does take a little bit of effort to remove, therefore I suggest using a washcloth for quicker removal.  Once washing the product off, my skin felt very smooth and very clean, my pores seemed less noticeable, but also the slight redness on my face disappeared.
    Overall, I am very pleased with this product, 
    it does really remove excess oil and dirt from your face!  I really think this product is great to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores but also to minimize any redness you may have on your face.  The Freeman Beauty Avocado & Oatmeal Clay mask can be purchased at local drugstores like Cvs, Rite Aid, Walgreen's however if you purchase online via you can use my promotional code (BLOGGERS25) to save 25% .

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    Bloglovin' What is it and WhyYou Should Join!


    Have you heard of  Bloglovin? 
    Well I get a ton of questions about how I keep up with all the blogs I like to read, so I decided to do a post on it.  To sum it up, Bloglovin made my life a bit easier, and here's why:

    Bloglovin' is the best way to keep up to date with all the blogs that you love, because it is a platform that organizes everything for you. It organizes the posts in order, you can sort posts by blogger or by date, also it can also notify you via email when your favorite bloggers have posted something. 
    In addition, if you have a smart phone, Bloglovin has an app for when you're on the go!
    I encourage all of you to create an account with Bloglovin it's the best way to keep up with all the blogs you love! It's also a great way to find new blogs to love! Create an account and give it a try, trust me you will love it!

    If you would like to follow my blog through Bloglovin please click HERE.

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    Philosophy Purity One-Step Facial Cleanser Review


    About 2 months ago during the holiday season, I visited my local Sephora to see what goodies I could find on a minimal budget.  As many of you know, by the registers at Sephora there are a bunch of bins with mini size products usually around $15 and under (which is actually pretty low priced for Sephora items).  I came across a travel size bottle of the Philosophy Purity One-Step Facial Cleanser and decided to try it out since I've heard and read a lot of great reviews on it. 

    The product comes in a 3 fl.oz bottle, which was priced at $10. 
    They have other sizes at different prices (8 fl.oz $20, 16 fl.oz $32, 24 fl.oz $40, and 32 fl.oz $47.50) however I decided to stick with the smallest and cheapest bottle so I can test it out without loosing a lot of money.
    On the Sephora site, the product description claims that it "is a ph-balanced formula that rapidly dissolves dirt and makeup while deep cleaning pores." I would have to agree, this product definitely dissolves any dirt or makeup without any effort at all, and it does a wonderful job in providing a refreshing and clean feeling!  The consistency of this product is very liquidy, yet it lathers very well and very quickly! I actually use this product with my Sephora Complexion Brush, you can check out my review of that brush here, which allows me to have a more deep facial cleansing experience; 
    This product is perfect for any skin type: dry, oily, combination! In addition, it is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, yet strong enough to remove any dirt and makeup. The product actually is worth the price, simply because it lasts for quite a while; the 3 fl.oz bottle I have is still not empty after using once a day for 2 months straight; simply because a little bit goes a long way.
     I am very impressed with this One-Step Cleanser, I've noticed since using this product, the redness on my face (around my nose and chin) has diminished, and since using this product I have not broken out or had any allergic reaction (which is what I am always concerned about since I have sensitive skin).  This cleanser is infused with sage, chamomile, and carrot, all of which are anti-inflammatory, calming, and gentle ingredients.
     The highlights of why this product is great:
    Removes dirt and makeup in an instant.
    Minimizes any redness on the face.
    Clears up any imperfections such as minor acne.

    I believe I will re-purchase the Philosophy Purity One-Step Facial Cleanser in a bigger size, just because my face has definetely been more clear and feeling a lot cleaner and refreshed, but also because the product will last months and months to come therefore making this a good value for the price.
    You can purchase this product from Sephora by clicking here.

    If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, I suggest using the Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser, it is a cream cleanser (vs liquid) yet works very effectively for a fraction of the price; you can check out my review of that cream cleanser here.

    Have you tried the Philosophy Purity One-Step Facial Cleanser? Any other Philosophy products you suggest I try? Let me know.

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    Beauty, Skincare, and Haircare Coupons


    There are a lot of sales and deals that are currently going on for all things beauty (makeup, hair products, skincare, etc).  Below are some coupons from two of my favorite stores Walgreen's and Target.

    Click here to view additional Walgreens Coupons

    Click here to view additional Target Coupons

    Keep in mind majority of these coupons are for the month of January, therefore please keep a look out for the expiration dates! 
    Happy Shopping Bargain Hunters!

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    Golden Globes 2012 Style for Less


    I recently read a fabulous article from the LA Times titled Frugal Fashion: Golden Globes 2012 Accessories; the article which can be found here showcases some accessories from the Golden Globes this year which are super affordable that anyone can purchase!

    One of my favorite accessories from the article was a jewel-encrusted buckle of an eagle worn by Emma Stone as seen below (photos courtesy of LA Times Blog/LA Times) and two affordable alternatives:

    Affordable Alternatives:
    Eagle belt buckle $17.95 or the Rhinestone eagle belt buckle $19.95.

    Of course all the celebrity outfits and accessories of the night are out of our price range, however there are a lot of comparable alternatives that look very similar, yet are very affordable. The three dresses below are a very unique style that I love, which is called "Mermaid" gowns. The are very flattering for any figure, no matter what size or height.

    Below are some alternatives to the dresses above,  these dresses can be worn for prom, a wedding, or an elegant evening out. The dress on the left (blue) is a Betsy & Adam Pleat Bodice Taffeta Mermaid Gown which retails for $165 at Nordstrom.  The dress on the right (red) is a Dalia MacPhee Strapless Taffeta Mermaid Gown, which retails for $328 and it's currently on sale (50% off) for $163.90 at Nordstrom.

    Click here to view the blue Betsy & Adam Gown.  Click here to view the Dalia MacPhee Gown.

      You really don't have to compromise on fashion when you're on a budget, there are many options out there for all of us budget-friendly gals who want to look as fabulous as any other celebrity!  It's important to keep an eye out for sales and discounts, know what you're looking for (do some research ahead of time), and just have fun (shopping shouldn't be a chore)!
    What we some of your favorite outfits and accessories of the night? 

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    Freeman Beauty Chocolate and Strawberry Facial Clay Mask


    Freeman Beauty Chocolate & Strawberry Facial Clay Mask is a brand new deep pore cleansing mask, designed with natural botanical ingredients, to help skin tone, diminish the appearance of large pores, while nourishing and moisturizing.  This mask is perfect for normal, dry, and combination skin types.

     The product comes in a 6 Fl. oz. container which retails for $3.99.  It is packaged in a very standard squeeze-tube, which makes it easy to apply the right amount of product without going overboard.  The mask is a light brown color, and its fragrance is very similar to that of chocolate milk with a slight hint of strawberry, in fact it actually reminds me of chocolate cake batter, or better yet a strawberry dipped in chocolate.  The scent is very noticeable, yet it is not overpowering at all, in fact it is very pleasing!  Once you wash the mask off, the scent disappears, so there is no lingering fragrance left behind.

    The texture is very lightweight, in fact I cannot compare it to any other mask that I've tried because the texture is very thin and creamy, spreads very easily onto the face, and a little product does go a long way! Because of its lightweight and creamy texture, the mask does dry fairly quickly, and a tightness can be felt within 3-5 minutes, which is approximately how long it takes for the mask to set. The directions do state to rise with warm water, and once you do that, the mask does easily wash off without any effort at all. Once washing it off, it did give my face a very clean and soft texture, it didn't feel tight or dry at all.

    The mask does exactly what it claims,  after the first use, it diminished the appearance of my pores, and after continuously using the mask my face felt less oily, my pores weren't as noticeable, and my skin just felt very soft and very clean.  Overall,  the Freeman Beauty Chocolate & Strawberry Facial Mask is a wonderful product that I will continuously use as part of my skin care routine.  Since a little product does go a long way, this 6 Fl. oz tube will last a very long time, especially considering I use this product 1-2 times a week; and for only $3.99 What a Bargain!
    You can purchase this product at your local drugstore (Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreen's, etc.), however if you purchase online via you can use my promotional code (BLOGGERS25) to save 25% .

    If you want to pamper yourself with a product that actually does what it claims, I highly suggest you get the Freeman Beauty Chocolate & Strawberry Facial Clay Mask!

    ♥ Glitz Glam Budget 

    A sample of this product was given to Glitz Glam Budget, either directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews.

    Two Versatile Blogger Awards!!!


    I recently received the "Versatile Blogger Award" from the lovely Kristen at GlitterGlossGlaze.  If you haven't checked out her blog please do so, she has a ton of beauty product reviews and a lot of  helpful tips. 

    *UPDATE* The lovely Outside Beauty Inside Health  has also awarded me the "Versatile Blogger Award" I am so honored to have received this twice in just a matter of days, it means a lot to know my readers think of me as a Versatile Blogger. 
    Thank you to both ladies who awarded this to me.

    Now, here are the rules:
    • You must thank the person who gave you the award, including a shout out with a link on your blog.
    • Share 7 random facts about yourself
    • Send the award on to 15 other bloggers whose blog you like to read, and let them know about it.

      Seven Random Things About Me
      • When I was a child, I told my mom that I wanted to be a Fashion Designer.
      • I watch YouTube videos more that I watch TV.
      • I am a dog person; I wouldn't want any other pet other than a dog.
      • I love to draw and paint; I have since I was younger; it's definitely a fun and relaxing hobby.
      • I quit drinking coffee 3 months ago (it's been a hard journey!)
      • My all time favorite TV show is Lost.
      • All my blog pictures are taking with my iPhone.

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