Tips on How to Score Awesome Deals on Brand Name Shoes


How and where can you find affordable winter boots without breaking the wallet? Well if you follow the steps outlined below, you can find brand name products with low price tags!  

Step 1: Make discount stores your best friend!
Discount stores such as Ross Dress for Less, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, they offer brand name products at half the price.  Aside from the negative misconceptions a lot of people have, such as clothing being “irregular or damaged” or being out of style; these types of stores are able to provide the same quality name brand products at affordable prices, because they buy a lot of overstock items.  Since they purchase from thousands of venders in bulk, they are able to provide customers with unbelievable prices.

Step 2:  Know what you are looking for
Have an idea of what kind of boots you are looking for, whether it’s booties, or knee high boots, rain shoes, etc, this is so you don’t go overboard and buy boots you don’t want or need!  Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, focus on 3 important factors:
  •  Do they fit me/can I walk in these ok?
  •  Is the material thick enough for those cold winter days?
  • Will these shoes last me for a few winters? 

Step 3: Buy boots that can be universally worn with anything
You want to think about what clothes you already have in your closet, color and style, and buy accordingly, that way you don’t have to feel like you need to purchase new clothes just to match the boots.  Typically brown and black shoes are universal because these colors will be easily matched with practically anything; unless you have a creative sense of style and can work with bright color boots, by all means go for it! 

I’ve been able to find great brand names such as Gucci, Guess, and BCBG at 50-75% off at these discount stores, compared to what you will pay at a department store!  In addition, I’ve purchased black/brown boots knowing that I can wear them with almost anything in my closet; in return I haven’t had to purchase new boots for a few years now!   That really tells me something, it tells me that these shoes are of excellent material, they are not damaged at all, and I get compliments winter after winter – definitely beating the “out of date/out of style” misconception!  

I encourage everyone to take a look at these discount stores near you, follow the steps outlined above and I assure you will be happily going home with brand name products, of excellent quality, at a fraction of the price! 

Glitz Glam Budget
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Yes to Carrots C Me Shine Lip Gloss Review


This lip product is 98% organic, that's the first thing that persuaded me to purchase this product at Target. Upon reading the back label I became even more intrigued; it is Paraben and Carmine free, no animal testing, and it is 100% naturally derived.  

Just a brief scientific lesson: Parabens are chemicals in a lot of cosmetic products that basically ensure effective preservation.  However over the years they have become very controversial because these same chemicals have been found in low concentrations of breast cancer tumors.  Carmine is a chemical that is basically used to give color to something to make it look fresh, however it also has been very controversial because small traces of scale insect and insect protein may be found in these products!

Now onto the review:  This product claims that it is nourishing and it provides shine; and upon applying it on my lips I was both impressed and disappointed. The product does make my lips glossy and shiny, and it doesn't feel sticky at all! It does provide a fairly good amount of color to the lips; pigmentation is pretty good considering it is a gloss. The product is moisturizing and does stay on for a fairly longtime without reapplying.  The only negative about this product is that is has a minty smell and taste -- a very unpleasant and unbearable minty taste almost medicine-like. Unfortunately in my opinion, the 1 con outweighs all the pros!
The lip gloss does retail for $6.49, I purchased it when it was on sale for less than $3 bucks. If you don't mind the very strong minty taste then I say go for it. It's organic, it looks good, and it is moisturizing!

♥ Glitz Glam Budget 

Bath & Body Works Tahiti Sweetie Body Lotion Review


Tahiti Sweetie is from the True Blue Spa collection at Bath and Body Works. It currently retails for $15 for an 8 fl oz bottle or $6 for a 2 fl oz bottle. Currently BBW has a 3/$10 sale on the 2 fl oz bottles, which is such a great deal!

Since Tahiti Sweetie is not thick at all, a little bit of this lotion does go a long way. Tahiti Sweetie contains Monoi Oil which consists of Coconut Oil and Tiare Flower, these ingredients are very moisturizing to the skin  particularly if you have dry skin.   It also contains Brazil Nut Oil and Avocado Oil which helps lock in moisture.   
If applied in moderation the lotion dries fairly quickly which is a plus-- however applying too much will result in a greasy feeling.   I find that this product is very gently on sensitive skin, yet works very well on any dry spots around your body; particularly dry elbows!

This lotion has a very coconut & pineapple scent to it, therefore if you love sweet and fruity scents Tahiti Sweetie is for you.  The scent of this products does stay on the skin for several hours and the skin does remain moisturized without having to reapply.

BBW actually came out with new packaging for this product, as seen below. It has been around for a while because the True Blue Spa line is very popular, particularly this lotion along with the body wash.

I would recommend this product to anyone who wants soft and moisturized skin. Also to anyone who simply loves scents that are vey sweet and fruity. The price is very reasonable considering the consistency of this product will definitely last quite a while.

♥ Glitz Glam Budget 

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Review


This is a very affordable drugstore primer that works as well as some other higher end primers. It is priced at $7.49 for a 1fl oz bottle.  The product does last a long time considering your only need a little bit at a time.

Fix & Perfect claims to be a skin perfecting primer; it is evident that it does just that because when applied it does smooth out and even out your face for easier and a more even makeup application.

The product has a orange color to it, but once applied and blended into the face, the color fades away. Fix and Perfect primer does make your foundation stay on longer, and it fades away any shine that might be on your face.

This product works well on any skin type, whether dry, oily or combination.  It is definitely gentle enough for sensitive skin, since that is a big concern when using primers!  It glides on fairly well and quickly even with the driest spots; yet doesn't make your face shiny or greasy at all!

The product does have a floral scent to it which might be bothersome for some people, however if scents don't bother you then I would highly recommend this product over a few higher priced primers that work equally the same.

Glitz Glam Budget

Fashion Trends For Less


One of the most popular fashion trends that has spread worldwide this year, is animal prints; from zebras to giraffes to leopard prints!  Vogue Magazine actually calls it “Animal Magnetism” in an article which includes all sorts of interesting designs; some of which include swans, elephants, birds, and horse prints.  If you’d like to check out the article click here.

I would have to say my favorite part of  the “Animal Magnetism” trend is the zebra and giraffe prints, as I am sure this is popular among a lot of us.  What I love about animal print, is that you can definitely wear it in any setting, such as on a night out, yet also be able to dress it down for the workplace!  The pictures I've compiled below were created through Polyvore, a great site where you can discover or even start a fashion trend. You can click here if you are interested in checking out the site.

Now you don’t have to spend a fortune purchasing animal print fashion items, all major department stores carry a ton of clothing and accessories with animal prints.  I’ve compiled some of my favorites from stores that constantly have great sales & deals going on; Forever 21, Macys, and Wet Seal (all items shown below are $50 or less).

I believe this trend will be very popular for years on end; it will definitely be one of those trends that will keep coming back every year, re-inventing itself! Are there any fashion trends that you fell in love with this year?

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Physician's Formula Haul & Review


I went to Ross Dress for Less recently and was unbelievably surprised they had Physician’s Formula products there for super cheap!  The packaging came with three products, each individually packaged for a total of $6.99. Overall, I believe I got a pretty good deal, especially since each Physician’s Formula product is usually sold for around $12.99

E.L.F Essentials Eyeshadow Brush Review


*via Google images*

One of my favorite eyeshadow brushes is from E.L.F. Cosmetics, the E.L.F Essentials Eyeshadow Brush in #1815.  It is super affordable, at $1, but the quality of this product is worth way more than that!  This brush has never shed on me, either while using, or during/after washing it!  The bristles are sturdy enough to pick up the shadows, and apply effortlessly, yet soft enough to blend in the product, and not tug on your eyelids!  I haven’t tried their studio line brushes, which normally run at $3 each, but I am so pleased with the essentials line that I will continue to purchase those particular brushes for a long time!! In fact, I just purchased 3 more of the #1815 brushes, as backups, if my other E.L.F eyeshadow brushes haven’t been washed yet!  I would recommend this product to anyone who is just starting to use makeup, or if you don’t want to spend a ton of money on brushes; honestly I’m not a professional makeup artist so simple brushes that get the job done is all I need.

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Wet n Wild -- Wild Shine Nail Polish


I love Wet n Wild beauty products, particularly Wild Shine Nail polish, so much that I’ve lost count of how many of these I actually own.  

There are several reasons why I love Wild Shine; the formula for the polishes is amazing; the colors are very vibrant and pigmented that using only one coat of polish is all I need.  I love that it doesn’t take forever for the polish to dry once you paint your nails, this is an “on the go” polish, because I will take less than 5 minutes to do my nails, and be on the run without worrying if it’s dried yet! In addition I love that it doesn’t chip right away, it has about a week’s worth of nail life!  

Below are pictures using Wet n Wild Wild Shine in #437F Blazed, a very pretty matte deep peach/pink color (although the flash does make it look almost red), then topped off with #460D Kaleidoscope which is a clear glitter/confetti shine!


You can practically purchase these polishes at every major drugstore such as Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, etc. and they are priced at $.99, not that many other polishes can beat that price and quality! At times these will even drop down to $.79, and major drugstores like Walgreen's and Rite Aid will at times have BOGO 1/2 off for WnW products...which is amazing! Have you tried WnW Wild Shine nail polishes? I'd love to find out!

Glitz Glam Budget

Current Deals & Coupons


Every bit of savings and coupons helps now days, so below are my current favorite deals, sales, and coupons that I hope everyone will want to take advantage of:

Gap: 40% off entire purchase (Valid 11/10/11 - 11/13/11)

Bath & Body Works: $10 off any purchase of $30 or more (Valid through 11/20/11)

Macy's: $10 off your purchase of $25 or more (11/15/11 or 11/16/11 until 1PM)

Cherry Culture: 40% off all NYX products (Valid 11/08/11 - 11/13/11)

H&M: Sign up for their newsletter and received 20% off 1 item (no expiration)

Victoria's Secret: Free Lip Gloss Set with Sweater purchase (Valid through 11/17/11)

A lot more deals and sales will pop up in the next couple of weeks, especially with Black Friday at the end of the month! I will definitely post a few other deals and coupons as they come up throughout the month. Has there been a completely awesome sale or deal you couldn't pass up? I'd love to read about it below!

ChapStick Ultra Smooth Product Review


I came across a product called ChapStick Ultra Smooth at my local Dollar Tree which sort of surprised me.  The reason why I say that is because I am very familiar with the brand ChapStick which normally comes in a regular lip product tube (picture above); however this product came in a jar…

I picked up the “Nourish” and “Soothe” jars not really knowing what to expect only going off of a brand which I really enjoyed in my youth.  The Soothe (green) product actually has a minty smell and flavor but not the typical “medicated” minty taste, but rather it reminds me very much of a candy cane scent & flavor!  The Nourish (purple) product has a vanilla scent and flavor, although the scent is very minimal unlike the minty one.  The textures of both products are very similar to the regular ChapStick tube, very smooth, silky, and very soft on the lips.  It is not sticky at all, unlike some other similar products out there, it actually absorbs immediately into the lips, leaving a very soft feeling behind!

I can’t tell the difference between what the Nourish and Soothe is actually supposed to do to my lips, the only “physical difference besides the color is that the Soothe is a bit softer in texture making a tab bit easier to apply vs. the Nourish is a bit harder like soft wax.  I did some investigating online and I really like the ingredients in both products: The Soothe has antioxidants, vitamin E, Aloe, & Chamomile.  The Nourish has vitamin A, grapeseed oil, pomegranate oil, in addition to antioxidants and vitamin E.

*Pictures courtesy of Google Images*

The products actually come in 4 different formulas, aside from the Soothe and Nourish, ChapStick Ultra Smooth also comes in Rejuvenate (yellow/peach) which has vitamin D, Antioxidants, vitamin E and pumpkin seed oil, as well as Fortify (red) which contains antioxidants Q10, vitamin E, & cranberry seed oil.  They retail at about $3.99 online and Walgreens, you may luck out like I did and find them at your local Dollar Tree!  I'm really interested to find out if anyone else has tried these out! Let me know below.

Wet n Wild Coloricon Brow & Eye Liner


I’ve been a BIG fan of Wet n Wild cosmetics for over a decade and a half, in fact WnW was the first brand of makeup I purchased when I was just starting to use makeup! I remember going to the drugstore with my mom and the first isle I would look at would be all the pretty colors that WnW had on display! Fast forward 15 years later and here I am today, still using WnW products!

 *Logo courtesy of Google Images*

I want to briefly talk about a WnW product that I truly cannot live without, this is something I use on a daily basis, and something I usually have loads of back ups of…yes I am talking about one of my all time favorite drugstore eyeliners, which is the Wet n Wild Coloricon Brow & Eye Liner in #651 Black Black.  I’ve tried many different brands of eyeliner out there from Sephora brand, to CoverGirl, to Almay, and NYC; and I continuously go back to my WnW eyeliner.

This product has so many pros, the most important for me is that it glides on super easily and it is very gentle on the eyelid & lower lash line.  I’ve tried some eyeliners that are of a “harder” consistency which actually pulls on the eyelids when you’re applying the liner; but Wnw Coloricon eyeliner can be applied effortlessly without any tugging!  I’ve also been very impressed throughout the years of using this liner that it does not smear or smudge simply because it dries fairly quickly (which is definitely a plus). 

In addition, this eyeliner can be easily removed with face wash/makeup remover; this is so important because you don’t want to keep tugging and rubbing your eye area since it is such a sensitive area!  As you can see there are so many pros, really the only con is that this particular color (#651 Black Black) is always sold out…this is why I end up buying 3-4 at a time – and at only $.99 per liner it is super affordable!

Have you tried this eyeliner or any other WnW product that you are in love with? Share below!

Contest of the Month -- Check It Out!


I wanted to share a great website to you all and hope that you all will want to check it out;  I came across this site not too long ago and now I am hooked!  I definitely encourage everyone to check out this site, they offer a lot of great information on beauty events in your area, their beauty blog offers a lot of great insight on a variety of beauty items, and best of all they give out information about giveaways and contests!

Their site is described as being “dedicated to connecting people with information on free makeovers, beauty product samples, and giveaways at retail and spa locations across the country. Consumers can enter their zip code to see what’s going on in their area, and follow Free Beauty Events on Facebook and Twitter. This site also hosts a contest each month to win a beauty-product prize. A blog section with product reviews encourages interaction between those who share a love for beauty products” (from “About” section).

Currently for the month of November, Free Beauty Events is offering a contest and they will have 10 winners…yes that’s right 10 lucky winners will be selected; some of the prizes include Covergirl products!  Please Click Here, this will take you to their contest page! Good luck everyone!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are of Glitz Glam Budget. Photos are from

October Favorites


So October is already over and I honestly cannot believe it went by that quickly!  I want to do my October Favorites and hopefully I can do this as a regular post every month!  I tend to buy lot of new products on a weekly basis; whether a store is having a sale, or I am absolutely in love with an ingredient or packaging I will try the product.  Majority of time I am super happy about the new product and continue to purchase and buy it on a regular basis!  The following products are beauty items that I have been in love with for the past month; I find myself using these products more on a daily basis then any other product I have.

Eco Tools Foundation Brush   Dickinson's witch hazel-Daily Facial Toner

Maybelline-maybelline great lash big washable mascara
*Photos courtesy of Google images*

Major Fashion Bargains

I went to Macy's and Ross Dress for Less today, and I wanted to share what great bargains I was able to find. Macy's always has great sales, and even though some Macy's are very disorganized in the way they place their sale items, it's well worth it.  My local Macy's is a MESS, none of the sizes are in any particular order and all their sale items are scrunched up into many racks and are very hard to find!  However, I am a firm believer that nothing in life is "free" you have to work for it, therefore If you want to find a great deal you have to look for it.  Having said that, I have no problem at all, searching and scavenging through racks and bins at Macy's in order to find the "good stuff."

Nail (Polish) of the Week

I'm overly obsessed right now with nail polishes, and have been quite frequently doing my nails.  I thought it would be a great idea to do a sort of "NOTW" Nail of the week post, in hopes of showing you what great nail polishes can be found at very affordable prices.  For today's NOTW I am wearing Sinful Color Professional Nail Polish in "All About You." I love this polish in particular because it typically is such a bold color yet I believe it is subtle enough to be worn on a daily basis.

Here is "All About You" with one coat of polish:

Here is "All About You" with two coats of polish:

I honestly believe Sinful Colors is one of the best drugstore (affordable) nail polishes out there.  They last a very long time one to two weeks without any chipping, the colors are very vibrant, and quite honestly one coat of polish is pigmented enough as seen in the above pictures.  These polishes typically go for $1.99 but I usually purchase them when they are on sale for $.99 at Walgreen's.  You can check out my previous post regarding my Sinful Colors obsession: Click Here

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