Wet n Wild Natural Blend Lip Shimmer Review

I love WnW products, they are all very inexpensive and are all of great quality.  Wet n Wild Natural Blend Lip Shimmers are tinted lip balms that add a little bit of gloss and color to your lips.  According to the WnW site, these lip shimmers are made of “a natural formula infused with calming ingredients of vitamins and natural oils to keep lips moisturized and nourished.”

Upon trying this product out, I did notice that it applied very smoothly and very easily, leaving my lips feeling very silky and not sticky at all.  I purchased #108 Cinnamon, and I was very surprised and impressed by the pigmentation.  The color comes off almost like a lipstick, that is how pigmented the product is, yet the consistency is like a lip balm.  It is not sticky at all, like some lip balms are, in fact it is very moisturizing and very smooth to the touch.  

Also, this product did not have any shimmers in it, in fact it was more of a matte color with added shine and gloss.  The lasting power was pretty long for a lip balm; I had to re-apply every couple of hours due to slight fading.  If compared to a regular lip balm these lip shimmers are #1 in terms of pigmentation, lasting power, and smoothness!

These regularly go for $1.99 but I did purchase this when it was on sale recently at Walgreens for $1.09.  I will definitely be going back to purchase additional colors; I am very happy to see that they offer these lip shimmers in 9 different colors, perfect for anyone of any complexion! 

 *Picture from wnwbeauty.com*

 If you are looking for a very pigmented lip balm, that moisturizes in addition to providing color to your lips, then this is the perfect product for you! Click here to check out the Wet n Wild site for these Natural Blend Lip Shimmers.

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  1. wow great shade and great pigmentation

  2. It sounds like these could be similar to the Revlon Lip Butters but cheaper!


  3. Ooo I haven't seen these in stores yet, I'm definitely going to check this out! The pigmentation is amazing. Gotta love wnw

  4. I have this in a lighter shade and didn't like the color. But I do love the feel of it and the minty tingle it gives!

  5. o0o0oh LaLa...I love it! I'm a fan of WnW. I'll have to check this out.


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