Wet n Wild Limited Edition I heart Matte 8-pan Eyeshadow Palette Review with Swatches

Wet n Wild cosmetics have always been one of my favorite drugstore brands, simply because they are super affordable yet are of excellent quality. One of the most anticipated and talked about palettes from Wet n Wild is their Limited Edition I Heart Matte 8-pan Palette!  It features eight matte shadows that range from bright fun colors, to neutral every day shades.

The colors are all very pigmented, and even without any primer they stand out magnificently.  These shades do have pretty long lasting power, I’ve gone the whole work day without any of the colors creasing.  The shadows themselves are so soft to the touch, almost silk-like, which is great because it allows you to apply the product effortlessly.    

The majority of the colors are matte, however as seen in the pictures the purple and blue do have a slight appearance of sheer sparkle, yet it is not very noticeable once you apply it on your eyelids  

Overall I am very impressed with the quality of the Wet n Wild I Heart Matte Palette.  Not only is it super affordable -- 8 shadows in one palette for $4.99, but the quality is very comparable to the more expensive shadows you will find at the drugstore. I would recommend this product to anyone who is a fan of matte shadows, to anyone who would like to experiment with brighter colors yet have the neutral colors as back ups, but also to anyone who is on a budget yet would like a variety of shades!

This palette can be found at your local Walgreen's for $4.99.  I had such a hard time finding this palette because it was constantly sold out, finally after searching for a month I picked up the last one and purchased it immediately.  I am curious to find out who has this palette and what the thoughts on it are.

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  1. Such a gorgeous palette! Wished we stocked wet n wild in aus :p

  2. they have great pigmentation, i must try these out

  3. Look how strong the white is even! That's amazing!

  4. I love how pigmented this palette is! I have to try it out! Thanks for sharing this :)

  5. i definitely need to give these palettes another chance i bought one last year and i just didnt enjoy it:/ all this positive posts and videos i see on youtube make me wanna go and buy one lol now i have to hunt them down because it hard to find some where i live
    great post thanks for sharing:)

  6. wow these look so pigmented, looks like a great palette! thanks for sharing!x


  7. Those shades are popping! I love that pallette


  8. Great review! Its a beautiful palette!


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