Top Beauty and Fashion Saving Tips

Hello Friends, I was fortunate enough to be featured on the lovely Miss Dre’s blog So She Writes!  I had such a great time posting my top beauty and fashion saving tips for her readers, so please go check them out on her blog!

I hope that you all enjoy these tips, I’ve saved a lot of money and time following them, and I hope you all will benefit from them!  Feel free to leave me a comment letting me know which tips you are currently using in order to save on beauty and fashion items! 

Click here to check out my Top Beauty and Fashion Saving Tips.
Please make sure to let Miss Dre know that you came across her blog from Glitz Glam Budget

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  1. I already do most of the tips you suggested but I wanted to say that the dollar store makeup supplies is like the biggest beauty secret everyone over looks. I get my polish remover, hair brushes/rubber-bands there. I get my cotton balls, Qtips, tissues, Hand sanitizers, nail files. Sometimes my dollar tree has WnW eyeshadows! Shopping there totally saves me tons of money. Its so good that you shared those tips so others could save money too!


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