Soft Soap Coconut Scrub Review

Soft Soap Coconut Scrub Bar is described by its manufacturer as a product that is Enriched with crushed coconut extract and gentle exfoliates to reveal soft, smooth skin.”  
I received this product free from Influenster’s Holiday VoxBox.  If you don't know what Influenster is, check out my previous post here explaining the site & process. 

The small coconut extracts are very visible when looking at the bar of soap (small brown rough specks), yet can hardly be felt once it is lathered on your hands and body.  Surprisingly this soap lathers on very well, very similar to a body wash, and it leaves the skin very soft and smooth.  The scent is very pleasing, it actually does not smell like coconut at all, but rather very floral.  Also, the smoothness and scents stays on the body long after coming out of the shower; it lingers for about an hour.

I am very pleased with this product simply because of how smooth it left my skin and how great it made my skin smell.  I don’t think this soap is for anyone looking for a scrub, seeing as it didn't do much scrubbing since the crushed coconut extracts are very tiny.  Although, I would recommend this soap to anyone who wants an affordable bar of soap that cleans well, smells great, lathers without any effort, and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth!  

This product can be purchased at any drugstore such as Rite Aid, Walgreen's, CVS, and it retails for $4 to $5.49 for 4 bars. Visit the manufacturer site here for additional product information.

♥ Glitz Glam Budget 

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  1. Sounds great :) I definitely love anything coconut scented.

  2. interesting. ;)
    i've never used any bar soap from soft soap. their liquid hand soap is my favorite, though.

  3. Hmm this like it'll work for me. i love tropical smelling soaps, I'm looking for something new to try.

  4. Have this in my shower right now!

  5. I love coconut! I will be sure to check this out! And thanks for checking out my blog, I am now a new follower:)

  6. I tried this soap last night and I like it as well! At first I didn't feel like it exfoliated at all, but then I could feel the little coconut extracts coming through the more I used the how its super gentle and smells really nice!

    Thanks so much for checking out my blog! =)

  7. I think I'll try it! Anything to make my skin softer!


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