Metallic in 2012 Fashion Trends for Less

There are a lot of new and interesting trends that have been circulating a lot in 2011, but are evident that they will continue to be popular well into 2012.  As mentioned in a prior post, has a slideshow on the Most Wearable Fashion Trends for Spring 2012, and last week's trend I focused on was Color Blocking, you can click here to check that out!

For this week's trend I wanted to focus on Metallics.  Aside from a lot of runway models showcasing this up & coming fashion trend, a lot of celebrities have also been spotted sporting this look particularly at events.  The great thing about this trend, and why it will be one of the hottest trends in 2012,  is because it is a very versatile trend which can be worn down or glammed up.  You can spice up an outfit by simply adding a hint of metallic or go all out for an all Glam look and sport an entire Metallic look as seen in the celebrities below.

 Obviously we all can't afford these fabulous outfits that the above celebrities are sporting, however we do have options out there!  A lot of department stores are up to date with all the new and up coming fashion trends, and are all very affordable! I believe Metallics is a fashion trend that will be very popular in 2012 simply because of its vibrancy, its boldness, and it's elegance!

You can easily wear jeans/t-shit but top it off with metallic shoes and/or a metallic purse and you have a very wearable every day look with a little touch of glam.  Yet on the other hand  you can sport a metallic dress on a night out for a more elegant or bold look; the possibilities are endless with this trend.

Below are some options and ideas that I have put together, to get everyone started on this trend; department store and online retailers sell a variety of metallic clothing and accessories, at very affordable prices as seen below!

Metallic Trend 2012

 $28 Nordstrom$23 Forever 21$21
$49 Urban Outfitters $50 Gap$49 Zappos
$45 Nordstrom

Are you already sporting the Metallic Trend? Do you think it will be a very popular fashion trend in 2012 or will it stay behind in 2011?

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  1. Love love love Nicole Richie's look here. I really need to buy something metallic! :-)

  2. wow love all these shimmery metallics

    happy new year!

  3. thanks so much for your nice comment! happy holidays and happy new year to you! you have a great blog! Thanks for following as well!!
    xx janelle

  4. I used to have some metallic tops, but those got gradually phased out of the wardrobe simply because they didn't last very long. (They started pilling kind of quickly. I don't really know how to choose quality metallic textiles.) I wear metallic-finish eyeshadow and nail polish, but not a lot of other metallic stuff. Mostly for personal reasons, but also because I have a hard time finding metallic things that look good / stylish / elegant yet don't cost a really large amount of money.

    I must not be looking in the right places...

  5. Great post!I love the metallic trend.
    I found your blog on Next Blogger Network, I love it if you could check out and follow my blog;
    Thanks :D Keep up the great blogging! xx


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