Bare Escentuals Minerals Pretty Amazing Lip Color

The Bare Escentuals Minerals Pretty Amazing Lip Color  is a very hydrating lip product  with an unbelievable texture.  This product's long lasting power  is very similar to a lipstick (3-4 hours),  yet the texture is so creamy (like a thick liquid lipstick) that it's not like anything else out there in the beauty market right now.  This product has an insatiable shine to it, and the colors are all very pigmented, that a little product does go a long way!  The applicator wand is firm yet flexible enough to contour your lips which applies an even coat of application.

Bare Escentuals Minerals Amazing Lip Color in"Rouge"

You can purchase the Bare Escentuals Minerals Pretty Amazing Lip Color at Sephora (or Standard product is a 1.3Fl.oz for $16, which is on the high end price tag for a lip product, however Sephora has a lot of holiday deals right now, and that's where I picked mine up.  It came in a package with a mineral blush,  a blush brush, and this lip color all for $10.

I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to try something different other than the typical lipstick or standard lip-gloss.  Although the retail price is pretty pricey for a 1.3 Fl. Oz container, I do believe the holiday deal Sephora has right now is amazing, 3 products for only $10.  I am very curious to find out if anyone has purchased any awesome holidays deals and limited offers packaging, such as this one.

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  1. wow, that lips color looks amazing on you

  2. wow, i am not a big fan of bare minerals..but the color looks just fab on you!

  3. That colour looks beautiful, especially on you.

    Fabulous blog, I'm following :)


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