Tips on How to Score Awesome Deals on Brand Name Shoes

How and where can you find affordable winter boots without breaking the wallet? Well if you follow the steps outlined below, you can find brand name products with low price tags!  

Step 1: Make discount stores your best friend!
Discount stores such as Ross Dress for Less, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, they offer brand name products at half the price.  Aside from the negative misconceptions a lot of people have, such as clothing being “irregular or damaged” or being out of style; these types of stores are able to provide the same quality name brand products at affordable prices, because they buy a lot of overstock items.  Since they purchase from thousands of venders in bulk, they are able to provide customers with unbelievable prices.

Step 2:  Know what you are looking for
Have an idea of what kind of boots you are looking for, whether it’s booties, or knee high boots, rain shoes, etc, this is so you don’t go overboard and buy boots you don’t want or need!  Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, focus on 3 important factors:
  •  Do they fit me/can I walk in these ok?
  •  Is the material thick enough for those cold winter days?
  • Will these shoes last me for a few winters? 

Step 3: Buy boots that can be universally worn with anything
You want to think about what clothes you already have in your closet, color and style, and buy accordingly, that way you don’t have to feel like you need to purchase new clothes just to match the boots.  Typically brown and black shoes are universal because these colors will be easily matched with practically anything; unless you have a creative sense of style and can work with bright color boots, by all means go for it! 

I’ve been able to find great brand names such as Gucci, Guess, and BCBG at 50-75% off at these discount stores, compared to what you will pay at a department store!  In addition, I’ve purchased black/brown boots knowing that I can wear them with almost anything in my closet; in return I haven’t had to purchase new boots for a few years now!   That really tells me something, it tells me that these shoes are of excellent material, they are not damaged at all, and I get compliments winter after winter – definitely beating the “out of date/out of style” misconception!  

I encourage everyone to take a look at these discount stores near you, follow the steps outlined above and I assure you will be happily going home with brand name products, of excellent quality, at a fraction of the price! 

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  1. Wow! Great finds... I love everything you got :D! I wish our stores here offer discounts that much.

  2. great post! i do this a lot, i would like to think I'm a smart shopper

  3. I love TJ Maxx for finding name brand shoes!! Another great way to get cheap shoes is on ebay. A couple weeks ago I sold a pair of Nine West boots for around $20 and they were only worn twice!

  4. You got some great finds! I love looking for great bargains, It feels good to find a nice pair of shoes for a low price. Best feeling ever :D

  5. I just went to tjmaxx today!! New from Monday beauties I would love a follow back

  6. gorgeous shoes!! im so jealous :P definitely following your blog! hopefully you will follow mine back :)

  7. Thanks for following, following you back. I really need help in the fashion department. I just want someone to say hey this out fit would look good on you from head to toe. Then I would buy it. I hate shopping for clothes, since I will see something I love and so does everyone else, since they don't have my size anymore.

    -Amy @ Pounds4Pennies

  8. These are really great tips! I love the boots and love stores like T.J Maxx and Marshalls. I always find great brand name purses there too

    Good Post!


  9. i found a wonderful pair of dolce vita shoes at a great price at a discount store so i totally agree.

  10. Great tips ! I adore shoes and the more I can buy the happier I get ;)) I think your blog is very nice, I would like to invite you to my blog, follow if you like it and also there's a Chanel and Too Faced make up giveaway going on until saturday and I think you might like it ! Kisses

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  11. This is such an outstanding look, love the bright color, and the skirt looks so unique!
    mina hassan


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