Target Haul/ELF Cosmetics Review

I recently visited my local Target and of course the first spots I go check out are the beauty and hair product isles.  After realizing that there weren’t many new products that I was eying, I of course made my way onto the ELF cosmetics section…and without hesitation I picked up a few items.  I can never control myself when I stop in front of the ELF cosmetics section because their products are super affordable!

The very first thing I grabbed was the E.L.F. Holiday Collection Glitter Eye Beauty Book.  I normally don’t like glitter/shimmery eye shadows, but I saw a few YouTube videos and bloggers were showing swatches and I really started to fall in love with it!  When I opened this palette the colors immediately jumped out at me; they definitely look very vibrant and you can definitely see the shimmers.  Doing swatches on these shadows was a delight, even without any primer the colors are all super pigmented, they are not rough at all even though you do see quite a bit of shimmer, and they glide on fairly well with a finger, sponge-tip applicator or even with a brush.  Their staying power lasts fairly long, a good days worth, and I didn’t see any creasing.  This palette is priced at $5 bucks, and really it is such a great deal; you get 12 different shadows that range from vibrant purple, to neutral brown. 

The other two items I picked up were the ELF Studio Blush in 83132 Tickled Pink, and ELF Studio Blush/Bronzer in 83601 Bronzer.  I’ve heard so many people rave about the blushes and I finally wanted to try them out…now I definitely see what the hype is all about.  The Studio Blush is such a pretty subtle pink, it glides on very smoothly and very easily, the product is very pigmented so a little goes a long way.  I like that the color I picked up shows off on my face as a very light and natural color.  The color does have a slight shimmer to do, but can only be visible from the packaging – I didn’t notice any shimmers on my cheeks.  The Blush/Bronzer some people say it is a dupe for the Nars duo however I’ve never owed a Nars product so I cannot compare.  The bronzer is a bit dark for me, so I really have to be careful not to pack on too much of the product since it is super pigmented.  Both products were priced at $3 dollars since it is from their Studio line.

The last two items I picked up were the ELF Lipstick in 7702 Classy and the ELF Eyelid Primer in 7501 Sheer.  Unfortunately my local Target is always low on ELF lipsticks because they are very popular, I was looking for a nude or very naural color and Classy was the closest I could find.  From the packaging and even from the lipstick itself the color seems very bright pink, but fortunately it applies very subtle and as a light pink to natural lip color.  I was very surprised to find that the lipstick had a very pleasant and sort of fruity smell, which I thought was nice.  It applies very smoothly, and feels very soft to the touch – not greasy or sticky at all.  The staying power is mediocre, I did have to reapply every so often through out the day, but I really don’t mind for a dollar lipstick.  The ELF Eyelid Primer has been working wonderfully for me.  The product itself feels like the Urban Decay Primer potion, not too thick and not too watery.  It does allow my shadows to last all day without creasing and without any fading.  I did start to notice creasing after 12 hous…which is totally understandable and acceptable.  This primer works great considering it is only $1 dollar, definitely replacing the Urban Decay in my household!

Overall ELF cosmetics has never disappointed me; their products are super affordable, their studio line packaging is sleek and very appealing, and over all their products are so effective in terms of pigmentation, lasting power, availability, and so much more!  What is your favorite product from the ELF line?

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