Ross Dress for Less Profusion Eye-shadow Palettes!!

Recently I went to my local Ross Dress for Less; for those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a store that sells clothes, cosmetics, hair products, home décor, shoes, etc most of which are name brands, for a really discounted/cheap price.  You basically can get a lot of stuff for around 50-75% off retail price!  They usually have great beauty items such as L’oreal face creams, ELF Cosmetics, I love Carrot/tomatoes body creams, and so fourth.  This time around when I looked in the cosmetics section I came across a few eye-shadow palettes which I thought were a good deal.

The first 2 palettes are from a brand called Profusion Cosmetics, which I have heard of before through YouTube and other Beauty bloggers.  I checked out their site when I came home, which is:  and they have a lot of palettes and other cosmetics for an affordable price.  Palette 1 is the Profusion Beauty Kit which was priced at $2.99 it does have its ups and downs.  It comes with 45 eye-shadows and 3 blushes; I love the fact that this palette has a wide variety of colors from browns, to pink, to blue, however all of the shadows have a shimmer/shiny pearl-like look to them.  I don’t necessarily mind this because I can easily pull off a great night out look with these shimmer shadows!   One thing that I noticed is that a lot of the shadows come off as very talc-like and chalky when I was swatching on my fingers, however surprisingly the shadows do blend in very well and without effort on the eyelids.  Most of the colors are very pigmented with the exception of a few light shadows.


Palette 2 is the Profusion 88 Pro Eye-shadow Palette which was priced at $5.99.  Immediately I fell in love with this palette at the store simply because it reminded me so much of the Costal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette.  Again this palette is like the Beauty Kit, is very shimmery and pearl-like, both on swatches and on eyelids, which can be worn on a daily basis with some careful application but better for night time party look.  I didn’t like how the shadows are in no particular order, I would have liked the blues to stick with the blues and so forth to make blending and color matching easier when applying!  The colors are easily blendable, and are super pigmented so a little does go a long way.  I did notice a lot of the softer and lighter colors did require additional pats with the brush in order to pick up more product.  This product also has a chalk-like consistency when applied on fingers, but was ok when applied on eyelids.

The last palette I have to admit I purchased because of the packaging; I couldn’t resist it was just too cute.  It is from a brand initialed as BR Palette; it was priced at $2.99; I couldn’t find a site for them, but did see a few palettes from this brand on Amazon.  This palette has 12 shadows, 4 blushes, 1 powder.  The shadows are very pigmented, the blushes however are not.  I am staying away from the powder simply because I have sensitive skin and am very limited as to what brand powder I can use; otherwise I will break-out!  These shadows also had that chalky-like consistency but surprisingly had a pretty strong lasting power throughout the day of course with a primer. I like how the packaging can close up all together – it’s very portable which is a plus for me. These shadows are also somewhat shimmery/shiny and pearl-like, however not as much as the Profusion palettes.

Overall I think these palettes are great for someone who is just starting out in makeup, or someone who simply wants to add onto their makeup palette collection.  I like using shimmer shadows when going out to a party or a club, so I don’t believe I will be using these for any day time looks, but overall I am happy with these 3 palettes.  Has anyone tried out these brands and/or palettes before?


  1. I've seen Profusion at Ross before but never tried any of the palettes. The swatches look nice! :D

  2. @Rainy Days, yeah I see them all the time @Ross but this time I thought "hey let me try it out..."

  3. Oh! Their quality actually looks pretty good! I always see them too but thought.. it's probably real crappy quality. Have you seen the Colorworks palettes at Walgreens? They are also a huge bargain.. but I probably won't try haha.

  4. @Teemetric I haven't see the Colorworks @walgreens, however i am in love with that store so i will go check it out!

  5. They used to sell profusion in walgreens, but I think they discontinued it. I have a few single eyeshadows from them and they're really good for the price! I went to Ross to pick some up, but the ones I found were all crushed up and dirty :(.


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