Revlon Perle Sparkling Gold Shadow Review

One of my favorite eye-shadows right now is the Revlon Perle in 010 Sparkling Gold. I picked it up at my local Walgreens, I believe it was originally priced at $4.99 but was on sale for around $2.39 (basically half off).  I really like how it is super pigmented, especially when used with a primer.  The lasting power is very strong; when tested it has lasted a good work day for me with a primer.  Yes this product does have a lot of shimmer, but I definitely believe this shadow can be used on a night out as a glamorous look; but also if applied lightly can be used on a daily basis even on the inner corner of the eye.

I can easily compare this eye-shadow with NYX Eye-shadow 1007 Vanilla Sky which is also of my favorite light yellow/gold colors.  The texture is very much identical, and the color is almost the same, although the Revlon is a bit more gold and pigmented than the NYX shadow and with a little bit of primer they both brighten up a bit more.  I do find that both these brands are priced fairly reasonable; the NYX single shadows usually go for $2.49, Revlon is on a pricier side but when ever they have sales they seriously drop to dirt cheap! 

I definitely encourage everyone to take a look at their weekly ads, or just stop by your local drugstore, because products like the Revlon shadows are constantly on sale, whether it is 50% off, or BOGO ½ off.  I normally don’t buy eye-shadows or cosmetics in general, unless they are on sale, simply because I always hate it when I go back a week later and the exact same product is marked down!  Has that ever happened to anyone?

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