Physician's Formula Haul & Review

I went to Ross Dress for Less recently and was unbelievably surprised they had Physician’s Formula products there for super cheap!  The packaging came with three products, each individually packaged for a total of $6.99. Overall, I believe I got a pretty good deal, especially since each Physician’s Formula product is usually sold for around $12.99

Out of all three products, my favorite is the Plumping Lip Color Plump Palette in #2462, the color is a bit sheer, with a slight tint of gloss. It feels really smooth to the touch, like you are wearing chap stick, not sticky at all, and it feels very moisturizing. The packaging does say it is a plump palette, I don’t feel or see any plumping effects which I am fine with. 
The picture on the left is the inside of the packaging, without flash.  The picture on the right is the back/front of packaging, with flash.

The next product that came in the package was the Ultra Sheer Mineral Eye Shadow duo in #2668. I really like the two neutral colors that come with this package since the product is very pigmented, considering it consists of neutral colors!  Both shades apply on fairly well on the eyelids, and they are also very easy to blend in.
The last product that came with this package is the Botanical Bronzer in #3865.  It is super pigmented, a little product does go a long way!  This bronzer has a little bit of shimmer, and as shown in the pictures it has a goldish tint to it – although when it is blended it, it leaves a very dewy and vibrant look to the skin which I love.  This actually remind me of the Rimmel Natural Bronzer in #27 Sun Dance (I did review this product, you can check it out by clicking here).

Overall I am so pleased with what I found there!  I love Physician’s Formula products since they are so gentle on the skin, lips, and eyes!  I wish their products were cheaper at drugstores; however I am glad that Ross Dress for Less is starting to carry these even! I encourage all of you to see what great beauty bargains you can find at discounted stores like Ross!

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