October Favorites

So October is already over and I honestly cannot believe it went by that quickly!  I want to do my October Favorites and hopefully I can do this as a regular post every month!  I tend to buy lot of new products on a weekly basis; whether a store is having a sale, or I am absolutely in love with an ingredient or packaging I will try the product.  Majority of time I am super happy about the new product and continue to purchase and buy it on a regular basis!  The following products are beauty items that I have been in love with for the past month; I find myself using these products more on a daily basis then any other product I have.

Eco Tools Foundation Brush   Dickinson's witch hazel-Daily Facial Toner

Maybelline-maybelline great lash big washable mascara
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I buy a lot of hair products, since my hair is a mess without any maintenance.  I found this product at my local Target, decided to try it since it was only about $4 bucks; it is the Aussie 3 Minute Deep Conditioner.  The instructions basically say to leave the product in your moist hair (which should already be washed/clean) for about 3 minutes; then rinse off.  I actually leave this product in for way longer than 3 minutes because of the texture and unruliness of my hair.  This product works very well, and it definitely provides great results.  Before using this product my hair was a bit dry and damaged (from heat and styling products), however you can immediately feel how soft and gently your hair feels as soon as you wash the product off. I love the consistency of this product; its thick but its manageable and can be distributed evenly throughout your hair.  It really does what it claims which is deep condition your hair.  This has basically been my hair "holy grail" since I have been using a bottle non stop this past month.
                                                       Aussie Deeeeep 3 Minute Miracle Moisture Treatment
For my face, I really have to be careful which products I put on there, simply because I have very sensitive, acne prone skin.  I purchased Dickinson Witch Hazel from my local Walmart for a few bucks because of a few great reviews on YouTube  Basically you're supposed to use this product on your face, either after you've cleansed it, or if you need a quick refresh let's say from working out or sweating all day.  This product is a 100% natural toner, it claims to be non-drying and it's for all skin types.  I've tried other toners which have dried out my face, but this toner is so gentle, and it really feels like its penetrating deep into my pores and cleaning out any dirt or imperfections.  I love how it makes my face feel super clean, yet without the dry uncomfortable feeling.  I've been using this product all month long, twice a day (morning & night) and I simply love it.

My next October favorite is the Yes to Cucumbers Completely Cooling Body Butter.  I purchased this product at my local Ross Dress for Less for about $5 bucks, but it does retail for about $13.99 at Target. I love this product because it has 99.6% natural ingredients, some of which include Aloe Vera, Organic Cucumbers, & Dead Sea Minerals.  I love using this on my legs after shaving because it provides relief from any razor bumps or razor burns.  The creme is super thick, but so easy to apply; once you spread the body butter into your skin, it will feel super soft with a very gentle cooling feeling.

I don't have a big makeup brush collection, mainly all my brushes are from ELF Cosmetics; but I did come across a fabulous foundation brush which I have been completely in love with this past month.  It is the Eco Tools Foundation Brush which retails for around $7.99. I love how this brush blends in my foundation effortsly, it spreads the foundation very well and very evenly. The brisels are very soft to the touch, yet not flimsy at all!  I also love the fact that this brand is very earth-friendly, and they donate a certain percentage of their revenue to environmental causes!!

The last product I've been absolutely in love with this past month, is the Maybeline Big Great Lash Mascara.  Not only is the bright pink packaging super cute (I am a sucker for cute packaging) but this mascara truly works great! I like how it doesn't smear or smudge and it lasts all day without any fall out! I have the blackest black color, and i love how it is super dark, so it definitely makes my lashes look thicker and a lot fuller -- not only does the color provide this effect, but the formula in the mascara does as well!

It's already the start of November, and I  have been trying out a bunch of new products, therefore we'll see if they make the November Favorite List!  Have you tried any of these products, and are they  your favorites?  


  1. I'm tempted with that "3 minute miracle" stuff. Hope to find it here! XoXo :)

  2. really like the Maybelline mascara! they're always so good and really wanna try out the 3 min miracle!!
    just came across ur blog, it really nice:)
    following u now, would love if u visit and check my october favorites to0:)

  3. Oh man, seriously this Oct went by so quick. Great favorites by the way. I was obsessed with my Yes To Carrots Body Butter for the longest. I wanna try cucumbers too.

  4. @Macarena, the aussie product rocks! u should give it a try...its super cheap!

    @Rakhashan Maybeline is such a great drugstore brand, and they've been around for such a long time!

    @ Eugenia I just discovered EcoTools and yes they rock!

    @EverydayMakeupBlog I really do like the Yes to line, its a bit pricey but I can see why, they work pretty well!

  5. i really want to try that aussie 3 minute miracle , sounds like a great product!

    thanks for visiting my blog, now following ;-)

  6. @CottonCandyINK U should def try that Aussie product, it's super cheap, works really well, and smells so good!

  7. I follow you back, dear! thank you xx Joice

  8. Id love for you to check out my blog and follow. Let me know and Ill be sure to follow back!


  9. omg i had no idea walmart carried witchhazel!?!? i've been looking everywhere for that stuff! thank you for this post <3

  10. @Donna(heart)Baby Yes my local Walmart has it, and also a few Walgreen's carry it..hopefully u can find them at your local stores!

  11. Great reviews! I'll have to pop into a Walmart these days to check out that toner! :)

  12. @rainydaysandlattes, let me know if you buy it and how it works for you!

  13. I just got the Aussie Deeeeep Conditioner but haven't tried it yet. Aussie products smells nice! Nice blog too! I'm your new follower, hope you'd follow mine as well.

  14. @purejeanius, let me know it the aussie product goes for you, i am certain you will love it!

  15. I love the aussie deep conditioner too! it's super great & not too expensive ;)

  16. *ps followed your blog on GFC through twitter :)

  17. your blog is so cute! i love it! i love aussie 3 minute miracle. i am definitely following :)


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