My Addiction to Blushes & Bronzers

I've always know I was a big fan of makeup, bargain makeup at that, but I didn’t realize until recently that I might be a little bit addicted to low priced drugstore, bargain, makeup!  I was cleaning out my vanity recently and I realized that I have quite a few blushes and bronzers; therefore I wanted to share my favorite ones with you all!

I want to talk about my three favorite bronzers in my entire collection.  These are the 3 bronzers that I consecutively go to on an almost daily basis.  Although I do use all of the products that I buy these are my “go-to” products!  The first would have to be Rimmel Natural Bronzer in 27 Sun Dance.  This bronzer has a slight shimmer to it, but the color is so natural even for the lightest skin tones.  The product blends in very easily with a blush/bronzer brush; and I definitely love how smooth it goes on, really the blending that is required can be done with the slightest effort.  This bronzer does have really good pigmentation, so a little product does go a long way.  I purchased this product at my local Target, regularly priced at about $4.50, I was lucky enough to get this product when Target had them on sale for BOGO FREE; yes I got 2 for the price of one!!

The other bronzer I completely adore is the NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Powder in 720 Sunny.  I am almost certain everyone has either bought this before or at least has heard of it.  It is one of the few matte bronzers in the drugstores; the color is very similar to the Rimmel Natural Bronzer (without the shimmers).  I like the NYC bronzer because it truly provides a natural, matte, bronzed look to your face, it is definitely easy to apply, goes on very smoothly, and like the Rimmel this product is very pigmented so a little goes a long way. With the proper face brush, this bronzer is very blendable (the packaging provides a sponge applicator but I haven’t figure out how in the world u can use something like that for a bronzer!).  The retail is very affordable, less than $4.

The last bronzer I go to almost immediately is the Physicians Formula Line Smoothing Mineral Powder.  For my skin tone, it acts more like a bronzer and highlighter rather than a face powder.  This product truly gives my face a shimmer, summer tan, bronzed look; the product comes off a little bit golden not necessarily the typical “brownish” look.  I really like this because it is great for summer time when you’re already tanned and just want an additional glow.  It is very easy to apply, just like the other bronzers and very blendable as well.  I am not too certain of the price since I purchased this at Big Lots when they had their drugstore buyout for about $5 bucks, but I want to estimate the retail price anywhere from $10-$15.

The next three items I want to talk about are a few of my favorite blushes in my collection.  Again I use all the makeup that I buy, and I have found that different blushes work better with a different style, or a different hair look, etc.  The first blush I absolutely adore is the Maybeline Dream Mousse Blush in 30 Whipped Strawberry.  I find that this blush gives me a natural “I just came back from laying out in the sun for 15 minutes” look! The color is a light pink, and the part I absolutely adore is the texture, it simply feels like a mousse.  The texture is so soft, it is very easily blendable, and yes this product is so pigmented that you kind of have to be careful when applying.  I find it best to apply this product with my finger tips because by using a brush the product seems to not blend as well.  This blush I usually use if I am casually going on, with my hair in an up-do style.  I purchased this product at the Dollar Tree, for $1, such a great bargain considering these blushes retail anywhere between $5-7 dollars.

The next blush I adore is the most “natural” looking blush out of the three, Revlon Classic Color Blush in 590 Soft Mink.  The color is almost bronze-like in the sun, but over all it has a light brown/pink color to it.  This blush does have shimmer to it, just like the Rimmel Natural Bronzer; but I believe a blush or bronzer with shimmer looks great in the Summer months when the sun will be naturally shining on your face.  I will usually wear this blush when I am dressed more elegantly, for example going somewhere fancy.  This blush like all the others is easily blendable, I actually use the little brush that comes with it and it works just great.  This blush is not as pigmented as the other products, so if you really want a lot of product you will have to pack it in the brush.  The average price for a Revlon blush is about $4-6 dollars and I paid regular price since I needed a natural looking blush at that very moment!

The last blush I am in love with and have been since it came out is the Maybeline Mineral Powder Blush in Gentle Pink.  This product is the boldest blush of the three; it is a very bright pink blush, very pigmented, and this blush is best worn when you want to make a statement!  I love this blush because it is so soft on the skin, also very easily blendable, but a little goes a long way.  You really have to be careful when you apply this blush because if you put too much you will definitely look like a clown.  This blush has a very soft feel to it, and it very similar to the Dream Mousse, although not the same texture.  I actually purchased this blush for $1 dollar at the Dollar Tree…can you believe? I mean these usually retail at around $5-7 dollars I believe, so I really lucked out.

I love my blush and bronzer collection; and I am really proud that I don’t have to spend a fortune in cosmetics.  I truly believe there are some great products all around us for such a bargain.  I highly suggest to anyone to go out there and visit your local Dollar Tree/Dollar General, or visit a store like Big Lots where they constantly have drugstore buy outs – basically sell drugstore makeup for 50-75% off simply because a drugstore closed down and had to sell all its makeup at a dirt cheap price.  I don’t agree that the best blush or bronzer out there cost $30-$45 dollars, which to me is ridiculous since there are a lot of dupes and comparables at affordable prices. 


  1. Thank you for commenting on my blog :D
    Great choices! I am quite obsessed with blush myself! I really like the Wet N Wild blushes and the NYC blushable creme sticks.

  2. Oh and ELF and NYX blushes are really great too!

  3. @Nancy, yes I just purchased some ELF blushes/bronzers and I love them as well!

  4. Wonderful post! I only have a couple blushes and bronzers - not nearly as many as you!

  5. @candice, im addicted lol! I love drugstore products!!

  6. I'm obssesed with blushes and bronzers as well :)

  7. Great collection I would say...The maybelline one makes me crave for it such a pretty color
    p.s you got a Gorgeous Blog :)

  8. GIRL! thank u so much for this! Ive been dying for a good bronzer! <3 ur my life saver!

  9. don't you mean covergirl classic blush in soft mink?

    1. Hello, I think you're right, it is Covergirl, thanks for catching that =)


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