ChapStick Ultra Smooth Product Review

I came across a product called ChapStick Ultra Smooth at my local Dollar Tree which sort of surprised me.  The reason why I say that is because I am very familiar with the brand ChapStick which normally comes in a regular lip product tube (picture above); however this product came in a jar…

I picked up the “Nourish” and “Soothe” jars not really knowing what to expect only going off of a brand which I really enjoyed in my youth.  The Soothe (green) product actually has a minty smell and flavor but not the typical “medicated” minty taste, but rather it reminds me very much of a candy cane scent & flavor!  The Nourish (purple) product has a vanilla scent and flavor, although the scent is very minimal unlike the minty one.  The textures of both products are very similar to the regular ChapStick tube, very smooth, silky, and very soft on the lips.  It is not sticky at all, unlike some other similar products out there, it actually absorbs immediately into the lips, leaving a very soft feeling behind!

I can’t tell the difference between what the Nourish and Soothe is actually supposed to do to my lips, the only “physical difference besides the color is that the Soothe is a bit softer in texture making a tab bit easier to apply vs. the Nourish is a bit harder like soft wax.  I did some investigating online and I really like the ingredients in both products: The Soothe has antioxidants, vitamin E, Aloe, & Chamomile.  The Nourish has vitamin A, grapeseed oil, pomegranate oil, in addition to antioxidants and vitamin E.

*Pictures courtesy of Google Images*

The products actually come in 4 different formulas, aside from the Soothe and Nourish, ChapStick Ultra Smooth also comes in Rejuvenate (yellow/peach) which has vitamin D, Antioxidants, vitamin E and pumpkin seed oil, as well as Fortify (red) which contains antioxidants Q10, vitamin E, & cranberry seed oil.  They retail at about $3.99 online and Walgreens, you may luck out like I did and find them at your local Dollar Tree!  I'm really interested to find out if anyone else has tried these out! Let me know below.


  1. i have never seen this product, sounds like a great things for winter time ;-)

  2. @CottonCandyINK, it definitely is..especially since my lips get super dry during the winter time!

  3. Love chapstick but never tried the ultra smooth. Thanks for sharing... I'll have to try it out now!! xox

    I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to check out my blog & follow back if you'd like!


  4. Thanks for the info. Winter is here and I use so much vaseline cause my lips are so tried, must try these out.

  5. @Mary&Dyer yes chapstick is such a great brand! It's been around for years!

    @justtututiny YES this is so perfect for winter, works a lot better than Vaseline!


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