Bath & Body Works Tahiti Sweetie Body Lotion Review

Tahiti Sweetie is from the True Blue Spa collection at Bath and Body Works. It currently retails for $15 for an 8 fl oz bottle or $6 for a 2 fl oz bottle. Currently BBW has a 3/$10 sale on the 2 fl oz bottles, which is such a great deal!

Since Tahiti Sweetie is not thick at all, a little bit of this lotion does go a long way. Tahiti Sweetie contains Monoi Oil which consists of Coconut Oil and Tiare Flower, these ingredients are very moisturizing to the skin  particularly if you have dry skin.   It also contains Brazil Nut Oil and Avocado Oil which helps lock in moisture.   
If applied in moderation the lotion dries fairly quickly which is a plus-- however applying too much will result in a greasy feeling.   I find that this product is very gently on sensitive skin, yet works very well on any dry spots around your body; particularly dry elbows!

This lotion has a very coconut & pineapple scent to it, therefore if you love sweet and fruity scents Tahiti Sweetie is for you.  The scent of this products does stay on the skin for several hours and the skin does remain moisturized without having to reapply.

BBW actually came out with new packaging for this product, as seen below. It has been around for a while because the True Blue Spa line is very popular, particularly this lotion along with the body wash.

I would recommend this product to anyone who wants soft and moisturized skin. Also to anyone who simply loves scents that are vey sweet and fruity. The price is very reasonable considering the consistency of this product will definitely last quite a while.

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  1. I picked up the Tahiti, Sweetie the other day but put it back down. I will have to go back for it this week. Thanks for the review! :)

  2. I purchased this a while ago (when it had different packaging I think) and I loved it! I really love the smell!

  3. I love True Blue Spa items! My favorite has to be their Bringin' Up The Rear lol.

    Love your blog!

  4. I absolutely love this lotion! I've repurchased it about 5 times now! It's a great lotion!

  5. I love Bath and Body, but have never tried this one before. Thanks for the great review! :)


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