Nivea Crème Product Review

My all time favorite lotion is Nivea Crème in the little blue tins, I absolutely cannot go a day without this creme. There are so many reasons why I love this crème, so I thought I would break it down for you all.

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I love the consistency of this crème; it is not liquidly like a lot of other lotions out there.  It has a thicker consistency when you are applying it, which makes it easier to see where you put the lotion, but it blends in very well with minimal effort.  The bottom of my tin says made in Mexico, but I’ve heard the original is from Germany and their consistency is even thicker…I can’t really imagine how much thicker it can get…
The crème can seen a bit greasy initially, but when rubbed it, it definitely blends in very well, and does not feel greasy on your hands or body.  It is very moisturizing, it definitely makes my skin feel very smooth, almost baby-like!

I adore the smell of this crème, it has a very subtle floral-like smell, and when you rub it on, the smell does still linger for a while.  I just like it because it is a very “fresh” type of scent; the scent comes off even more when I apply after a shower, which I love because I love the smell of clean!

This crème can be used literally anywhere on your body, face, legs, arms, hands, etc.  I have very sensitive acne prone skin, and I initially thought if I put it on my face it would break me out because of its “greasy-like” consistency, but this product hasn’t clogged my pores or broke me out!  A tip I give people that tell me this is too greasy, it that a little goes a long way…try applying a little at time until you feel like you have enough moisture on your skin.

I always purchase the little blue tins 1.0 oz since they are good for on the go -- you can find it at any drugstore like Walgreens, Target, Cvs, etc.  The price ranges anywhere from $.99 to $1.50; they also have a larger tub 6.8 oz., which is about $7.99 – this is great for at home because it is definitely a good deal and will last you a long time.
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Has anyone else tried this crème or any other Nivea products? I definitely love it; it is definitely a staple in my daily moisturizing routine!!  I have a few more Nivea products I am currently testing out, and will review at a later point!


  1. I really love Nivea cremes :) Especially this one. They smell nice, and they absorb better than most cremes I've tried :)

  2. This was my first facial moisturizer and I super loved it. This seriously saved my face from scarring when I had chickenpox. Don't know if this will still work for me and my fine lines... Great review! :D

  3. @Rainy yes they do seem to absorb better than other cremes!

    @Dazzler, this has been a holy grail for skin all year round!


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