E.L.F. Cosmetics Holiday Sets spotted at Target!

I may be the last person on earth to have spotted this, but my go-to Target finally has put up the E.L.F cosmetics Holiday sets on display! I am so excited because in my opinion, it showcases the best of E.L.F.  I am particularly eyeing the Glitter Eye palette and the 5 piece nail polish set.  The colors on the Glitter Eye palette look so pigmented, and for only $5 bucks you get 12 shadows and a mini eyeliner…you can’t beat that!  Also, the nail polishes looks very beautiful and great for the fall months!  I can’t wait to purchase several holiday sets for myself and as gifts as well…heading to Target right now!


  1. Great news! Thanks for sharing!

  2. @1xellus1 you're totally welcome! Gotta love ELF!


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