Drugstore Beauty Items I Regret Buying!

If you’re a bargain shopper like me, at times it’s hard to resist a good deal on a product, even if you don’t need it.  You see all the signs BOGO FREE, or 50% off, or Limited Edition…etc, and it’s hard to resist buying it.  As much as I love drugstore shopping, I’ve come across a few drugstore products over the years that I completely regret buying.  The following products are items that I purchased at drugstores such as Walgreens, Wal-Mart, and Target, as well as discounted stores like Big Lots.

The first product is the Sally Hansen Natural Beauty All Over Neutralizer Fast Fix Concealer.  I had really high hopes for this product especially because it claims to be able to hide darkness and redness, it also claims to moisturize and deliver a natural look.   I was surprised the moment I tried this crème concealer on; it was so hard to blend in since it is not creamy at all.  The consistency is very chalk-like and very hard to work into the face, let alone a sensitive part of the face -- the under-eye area (which is where I wanted to use this product for).  In addition, when I tried to blend the product into my under eye area, it seemed to create lines and wrinkle-like texture. I did purchase this product at Big Lots when they were having their Drugstore Buyout, it was fairly cheap I believe less than $4.00 which was such a good deal at the time since Sally Hansen products are in the higher end of drugstore prices.

Two other products that I was very disappointed in are Sally Hansen Moist and Matte Lip Color, and NYC Green Cover Stick.  The lip color has such a beautiful color to it, and when applied on a finger or hand it seems so amazing; however when I applied this product on my lips it goes on very chalky. Initially I thought maybe my lips were dry, but this problem occurred each and every time I used this product.  The Green Cover Stick (like the Sally Hansen concealer) I had such high hopes that it would be able to cover up or neutralize any redness in my face, but it is so hard to blend in, the green color didn’t blend in very well with my skin.  All it really did was show up as cakey and rather than neutralize the redness it just made my face look green and dry.  Luckily both these products were purchased at fairly low prices less than $4 bucks, but I definitely will not be buying them again nor recommend them to anyone.

The next product is the NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder.  I read so many great reviews about this product and I am so disappointed.  It’s basically supposed to be a translucent powder to set your liquid foundation and neutralize any uneven skin.  However the powder is not translucent at all, its actually very white/light powder color, which completely made my skin look very chalky, and appeared very caked on.  I am fairly light to medium skin, and cannot even imagine someone of tanner or deeper skin color trying out this product.  I love NYC products but this was a fail for me.  I purchased this product at Wal-Mart, I believe for less than $4.00, not expensive at all, but definitely will not be buying again!

The last product I regret purchasing is the Rimmel Stay Matte Clarifying Foundation.  I read so many reviews and saw videos of people raving about this product – which it is a great product.  It matched my skin color perfectly; it blends in very well, looks very natural yet provides light to medium coverage.  However, I completely dislike this product because it broke me out.  Whatever ingredients this product has, it clogged my pores and gave me a bunch of pimples.  I was so bummed out because I’ve been eying this product for months, finally Target had it on sale, for $2 or $3 bucks and I grabbed it without hesitation – however it will now be going into my trash (unfortunately).

Whenever there are sales, I always say don’t buy it unless you need it…but at times I can’t help myself, if the sale/deal is too good to be true, I have to have it.  Have you ever purchased any drugstore products that you now regret buying?


  1. Awwww what a bummer about the foundation, I want to try it too, but I've noticed that my skin doesn't really like Rimmel foundations. They don't break me out, it's just that they don't look as nice as revlon colorstay or maybelline superstay. Don't throw the foundation away, ask your friends, maybe somebody will want it :) x

  2. @Stavroula you're totally right, I should def hand it over to a friend!!

  3. When I saw your post I was hella like, how can she not like the Rimmel foundation :O?! Sorry that it broke you out :(. It's the only foundation I have that is paraben free and works well on me. I also have Revlon Colorstay which isn't paraben free but good ><!

  4. @Teemetric i was so disappointed the the Rimmel didn't work out for me


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