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Just because you’re on a budget, doesn’t mean you have to compromise.  What that means is that you can shop in department stores and purchase high end products at drugstore prices.  The beauty of bargain shopping is that bargains are all over us, we just have to dig a little deeper to find them.  Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping in drugstores like Walgreen's and CVS, and Target, the Dollar Tree, etc, but I don’t limit myself  to just those stores.

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I love Sephora, every time I visit my local Sephora I feel like a big kid in a candy store.  There are so many different brands of makeup, skin care, perfume, so many different colors, and scents, everything looks tempting but I don’t splurge, I budget when I go there.  I always look online for sales, and I make a list of the things that I feel are a steal or a bargain.  A lot of times the deals are all sold out at the stores, or they are an online exclusive, so if I can’t find them in the store, I will purchase them online.  I’ve compiled 2 pictures courtesy of (below) of items that I believe are a current bargain at Sephora; I haven't been able to find these in a Sephora it seems like they are old packaging (according to a few Sephora clerks), but they are currently available online:

Stila Trendsetting in Tokyo Travel Palette Original Price $65 on sale $10 (bottom left)
Sephora Beauty in a Box Smokey Eye Tutorial Original Price $36 on sale $10 (bottom right)                                 
You can also get clothing bargains at high end stores such as Nordstrom’s.  A lot of times you have to search through many bins and piled up racks until you find a bargain, but it's definitely worth it!  I also look online for deals and if I can’t find it at the store I will order it online.  I found this adorable skirt on the Nordstrom’s site which I believe is a current steal!  The picture below courtesy of is of a Lily White Banded Skirt Originally $22, now on sale for $10, which is over 50% off.  Now, that is a great deal considering I am getting a skirt at Nordstrom’s; which normally the clothing quality is great since they use very durable and high end materials.

Another great item that is currently on sale at Macys is this very adorable Mstylelab Handbag, Faux Leather Flower Clutch (below), originally priced at $12.00 on sale now for $3.99.  I definitely encourage everyone to look online for sales, shop around at all different types of stores from drugstore to department stores, to very high end boutiques.

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Don’t be afraid to rummage through racks and bins because you never know what kind of goodies you will be able to find.  Advice I usually give readers is to shop more when the seasons change, because what that means is that the “old” stuff will be on sale since the new stuff is on display.  Currently it’s a good time to shop for Summer clothes, especially since a lot of department stores are starting to display their winter styles, all the Summer skirts, shorts, dresses, and shirts are on sale 50-75% off as I’ve seen online.  Also, keeping up with current beauty products, especially since the “old packaging” or last season’s colors go on sale fairly quickly once the “new packaging” or new formulas come out.  Have you been able to find any great deals in department stores or high end boutiques?

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