Bath and Body Works Shower Sponge

I generally use liquid soap when showering and the one thing I hate is when I use a shower sponge that doesn't lather my soap as good as it should or doesn't feel right on the skin. I've used so many different types of sponges throughout my life and I have truly found my holy grail of sponges. Now you're probably thinking "a shower sponge is just a shower sponge" but once you try a Bath and Body Works Shower Sponge then your showering experience will be 100 times different.

The Bath and Body Works Shower Sponge retails for $3.50, it comes in 4 different colors (white, pink, purple, and teal) and can be purchased online and in store as well.  The sponge itself has a very smooth texture to it, which feels amazing on the skin, and it also allows any shower gel to lather instantly, without having to pack on more and more shower gel.
Have you ever tried the Target brand shower sponge? Those are pretty good for the same affordable prices, but this BBW one is a lot better in terms of how it feels on the skin. Also, the Bath and Body Works Shower Sponge lasts a very long time while still having the same amazing shape and feel, unlike the Target one (or many others I've tried) where they lose their shape after a month.

I've been using mine for months, and it still looks great.  Online they have a different strap on these shower sponges but they're basically the same thing! I would highly recommend anyone to try these out, they are amazing, feel great, lathers any liquid soap very well, and they are super affordable.

KISS Ever EZ Lashes Review

Today I wanted to bring you a quick review of the lashes I've been wearing all Summer long, they are the KISS Ever EZ Lashes! This particular one comes with 1 set of lashes along with lash tweezers, which is really helpful for any beginners learning to apply fake lashes. This set is sold at most major retailers: Walmart, CVS, Walgreen's, and online, for around $3.99.
Affordable Drugstore Fake Eye Lashes
The set I have comes with the "natural" lashes (#KPL01) which honestly does look a little bit dramatic for me, I think it's because I don't normally wear lashes but they can be used on a daily basis and look as if you have a really good lengthening mascara.
Affordable Drugstore Fake Eye Lashes

I've used this set of lashes literally all Summer long and they are still in great shape; I do clean them periodically with makeup remover (to get rid of any mascara). The only con about this set is that it doesn't come with lash glue, but you can really use any lash glue, since they are generally very inexpensive anyways.
Affordable Drugstore Fake Eye Lashes
Overall I love these lashes, same time last year I was a true false lashes beginner but these sets (which by the way I have a handful of different lashes from KISS) they have taught me how to apply falsies, super quick and easily! Plus these are very affordable, for less than $4.00 you get long-lasting lashes and tweezers to help you out. Have you tried these sets before or any KISS lashes? What do you think of them?

August Free Beauty Events

It's that time again where I bring you the latest information on Free Beauty Events that are going on near you!  In August, make sure to check out the TRESemme SaturDate with Beauty on 8/23 for a free Music Award Style Tip Card and a coupon for TRESemme products.

Information like this is available through a site I visit often; the site is, a place where you can enter your zip code to find out what makeovers, gift with purchases, spa open houses and sampling events are happening near your home.  In addition, they have contests with some pretty awesome prizes and in their current contest they will be giving away 5 prizes. Each prize will consist of:

Free Beauty Events

Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain-Romantic
Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm-Vivacious
Revlon Age Defying Wrinkle Remedy Line Filler
Simple Facial Wipes, Cleansing 

The Contest runs from 7/1/2014 to 9/30/2014
winners will be chosen on 10/1/2014 and notified by 10/15/2014.

All you have to do is go to and supply your name, email (only used to contact winners), and zip code.

You can follow FreeBeautyEvents in many ways, and I suggest you follow them to be up to date on beauty events, contest, and product reviews as well:
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